Discover new facets of your personality by deciphering your color perception model and gaining valuable knowledge for a happy life!

Test accuracy = 94%! Your brain knows better than anyone what's going on with your health and psychological state, and our unique technology will allow it to share this information with you!
Unique testing: 56 personality indicators, 27 major body organs, and more than 600 health indicators. A complete picture of the impact of psychological state on health, conducted only by the best medical centers. Take advantage of the opportunity to get detailed information about your health and start living your life in pleasure today!

Here's what the color testing will tell about you: 600+ indicators in 1 hour

1. Get rid of neurosis and unlock your growth potential with knowledge of cognitive brain functions

7 indicators

Understand the cognitive functions of the brain and find the key to success! Mental processes are responsible for our ability to think, absorb information, remember, and learn. But it's more than just interesting information-it's the key to understanding your health and power for long-term success. Our cognitive function decoding allows you to assess if you have neurosis or are prone to emotional breakdowns. Get this valuable tool for better results in life!

2. Get the negative emotions out of your life

10 indicators

Find out what your subconscious is hiding from you: decipher the 10 basic emotions with color testing! Assess your hidden feelings and discover new sides of your personality. Primary emotions are what we all have in common! From the transcript, you will learn which of your 10 basic emotions are most pronounced, which make you a strong person, and which create problems. Joy, sadness, anger, love, shame, and other emotions are essential to our lives. Understand yourself better than ever before!

3. Discover new facets of communication: get to know yourself and others through the study of communicative personality traits

4 indicators

Our test will help you quickly and easily find out your psychological indicators of communicative traits. Why should you do it? Because these skills are important not only for your career but also for your personal well-being.

4. Take care of your positive emotions, and take care of your health!

The test will tell you how positive and negative emotions affect your health. This is professional information you can trust. Find out how joy, happiness, and love can help reduce stress levels, boost your immune system, improve your mood and sleep, and reduce pain. On the other hand, anger, fear, and anxiety can make you feel worse and increase your risk for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and others. By learning the power of your emotions, you can better understand where your life is headed and how to improve your health. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about how emotions affect your health, and start taking control of your life today!

5. Reveal yourself in a new way with the Psychological Personality Indicators

56 indicators

The test will show you the 56 personality traits affecting your life and relationships. Neurosis is a conflict of inner needs, which can manifest itself in inconsistent, illogical, and harmful behavior. This type of behavior is indicated by the indicators of a person's psychological traits, which we identify in the color test. Take the chance to gain valuable insight about yourself. Order our product today!

6. Find out what connects neurosis and psychosomatics. Become aware of your emotions and overcome your neurosis before it becomes psychosomatics!

Scientific research shows that many illnesses are psychosomatic in nature, meaning that the root of the disease is in a person's nervous system. Neurosis is the basis of any psychosomatic disease; deciphering it will help you understand what is happening in your body. Our information product will allow you to learn about the connection between your psychological state and the health of your internal organs. Do not postpone your health for later. Buy our information product and start taking care of yourself today!

7. The pathological functional system of your body

10-15 indicators

Do you want to eliminate the diseases that prevent you from living your life to the fullest? Then you need to learn about the Pathological Functional System (PFS) - the leading cause of diseases in modern man. PFS is a unique set of body organs that, under the influence of neurosis, work improperly, ensuring the failure of other body organs or taking body resources for their needs without real need. The result? The development of various illnesses, including what has been called "psychosomatic illnesses." In our transcript, you will find detailed information about how your PFS works and what changes you need to make in your life to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and improve your health.

8. Body Functional Systems: Take Care of Your Health on All Levels

13 indicators

Do you want to know how your body functions and which functional systems are impaired? Understanding your health is the key to maintaining and improving it. From the transcript, you will learn which of the 13 functional systems are affected by the Pathological Functional System (PFS) and what medical symptoms this may manifest. With this information, you can develop a personalized treatment and prevention plan to help you live a whole and healthy life. Take care of your health seriously - order a personal color test transcript today!

9. Learn the psychosomatic risks of your 27 major body organs and protect your health

496 indicators

Have you ever wondered how your Pathological Functional System affects every organ of your body and creates somatic diseases? But now you can get a complete diagnosis of your psychosomatic health quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the Personal Color Perception Model. This powerful technology allows you to assess the effects of PFS on the major organs of the body. It lists possible diseases in each organ with 94% accuracy. This means you can detect and prevent potential health problems in their earliest stages without spending a lot of time and money visiting many specialists. The table with possible diseases for the 27 organs of the body, which you will receive in the transcript, will be your reliable assistant in maintaining your health and will lead you to complete healing.

10. Be aware of yourself today to avoid big problems tomorrow: find out your psycho-oncological risks right now

10 -15 indicators

Our color testing program will help you determine your cancer risks and identify which body organs are at risk. Moreover, we will help you understand how your psychological problems affect your health and suggest an individualized action plan to minimize your cancer risks. Take our paid test and learn to care for your health!

11. Personalized recovery recommendations.

Impulse Color Therapy is a revolutionary method of correcting problems that can help you restore your health and improve your quality of life. The transcript you will receive contains personalized recommendations tailored to your individual needs. The Impulse Color Therapy Method is certified and has been used since 2002 to help patients with psychosomatic illnesses and neurosis. Try this method, and you will notice positive results in no time!
The practical value of the knowledge you get after decoding your color perception model
Studying the decoding of your color perception model will give you an invaluable experience of working on yourself. The graphs of mental processes will clearly show which aspects of your personality need the most attention and development. Thanks to this, you can begin to work on yourself and solve the problems that prevent you from living your whole life. The Personal Color Perception Model will help you learn to live a more relaxed and easy life and be as effective as possible! Learning from this model and working with Personal Impulse Color Therapy will help you find inner balance and stay healthy, ensuring that your whole body functions appropriately throughout your life.
Take your chance to find harmony with yourself and the world around you!
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