The magic of color: adequate protection and healing from harmful physical influences

Injuries, wounds, fractures, heat, sunburns, heatstroke, temperature and air pressure fluctuations, cold, X-rays, gamma rays and other forms of radiation, and noise effects on hearing and the nervous system are all physically damaging factors that cause severe illness and harm to human health. They prevent many people from recovering and living life to the fullest!

The "Magic of Color" impulse-color therapy course offers a revolutionary approach to enhancing your health. We use the power of color to awaken new energy and activate your immune system. Precisely timed color pulses can help you overcome neurosis, restore harmony physically and emotionally, and protect yourself from harmful physical influences.

Join the "Magic of Color" course today and find a new quality of life. Feel strong, energetic, and full of vitality. Don't let physical afflictions limit you - become invulnerable!

Course Description

Imagine waking up in the morning, going outside, and feeling the wind's icy arms around your face. Your breath soars in the air and frosty drops shower you with their crystalline grains of sand. A few hours later, the sun breaks through the clouds and casts its rays on the ground, causing a searing heat. You stand under the scorching sun, feeling the drops of sweat run down your face. In the evening, a thundercloud arrives, and the sky is torn by lightning, accompanied by a thunderclap. 

Every day has become an ordeal because the climate has become erratic. We face unpredictable and devastating temperature and atmospheric pressure changes, which seriously affect our health and well-being. Our bodies are put to the test, forced to adapt quickly to these extreme natural conditions and deal with their consequences. 

Changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure have a significant impact on our bodies. They cause dizziness, headaches, increased fatigue, changes in blood pressure, and many other unpleasant symptoms. Moreover, they worsen the condition of people with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, etc. 

Another equally serious danger to humans comes from electromagnetic fields: Wi-Fi networks, cell phones, and electromagnetic devices. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) from Wi-Fi networks, cell phones, and other electronic devices concern medical scientists because of their effects on the body. Studies show that high exposure to electromagnetic fields increases tissue temperature, changes in cell electrochemical processes, and possible DNA damage.  

Cell phones and cancer: One of the main aspects of the health effects of electromagnetic fields that have been studied is their link to the occurrence of cancer. Several studies have discussed the possible link between prolonged use of cell phones and certain cancers, including brain cancer.  

Effects on Sleep and Brain Health: Some studies have also drawn attention to the effects of electromagnetic fields on sleep quality and brain health. Concerns exist that prolonged exposure may affect sleep cycles, cause insomnia, and impair cognitive brain function. 

Physical damaging factors are exposures that harm human health through physical effects on the body. These factors may be natural or artificial and include various forms of energy, mechanical effects, heat, cold, and other physical parameters.

Examples of physical hazards include: 

  1. Mechanical Impacts: Shocks, injuries, wounds, fractures, and other injuries caused by physical forces.
  2. Heat factors: high temperatures, burns, sunburn, heatstroke, and other adverse effects of improper heat patterns.
  3. Cold factors: cold temperatures, frostbite, cold injuries, and other problems caused by extreme cold conditions.
  4. Electrical factors: electric shock, lightning, electrical burns, and other electrical injuries.
  5. Ionizing radiation: X-rays, gamma rays, and other forms of radiation that can damage cells and body tissues.
  6. Sound factors: intense noises, the effects of noise on hearing, and the nervous system.
  7. Electromagnetic fields (EMF): Wi-Fi networks, cell phones, and electromagnetic devices. 

Human beings cope with physical attacks through various adaptive mechanisms and defensive reactions of the body.

Here are some of how the human body responds to physical attack: 

  1. Barrier systems: The skin, mucous membranes, and other body barriers are the first defense against physical influences. For example, the skin protects against mechanical injuries and infections, and the mucous membranes protect against the harmful effects of various substances.
  2. Pain receptors: Pain receptors help identify when physical damage occurs. They signal a possible threat and activate protective mechanisms, for example, by causing reflex muscle contractions to prevent further damage.
  3. Adaptation: The body can adapt to specific physical influences. For example, the skin can thicken in response to repeated mechanical stress to prevent damage.
  4. Regeneration: When tissues are damaged, the body activates regeneration to repair damaged structures. For example, when a wound heals, new cell growth and repair of damaged tissue occurs.
  5. Protective reactions: The body may exhibit defensive reactions to prevent further exposure to physical factors. For example, coughing or sneezing helps remove irritants from the respiratory tract.

Neurosis, as a mental condition, does not directly deprive the skin of its ability to protect the body from mechanical injury and infection. However, neurosis does harm the overall condition of the body, including the immune system and psychological well-being, which in turn has a very negative impact on skin health and its ability to perform protective functions. In addition, people suffering from neurosis often develop bad habits, such as constantly scratching the skin, rubbing the skin, and scratching their nails, which damages the skin and contributes to infectious skin problems. 

Pain receptors are special nerve endings that respond to stimuli and transmit pain signals to the brain. The effect of neurosis on pain receptors is individual and can vary from person to person. The stress often accompanies neurosis and causes changes in the nervous system, including increased sensitivity to pain. This can lead to an increased pain sensation or even the onset of pain symptoms for no apparent physical reason. Conversely, some people with neurosis may stop experiencing pain. Thus, neurosis creates conditions in which the pain receptors cannot typically perform a protective function for the body. 

Adaptation is the body's ability to adapt to the changing conditions and stressors of the environment. Neurosis, especially chronic, leads to a violation of the body's normal adaptation. Under stress and anxiety inherent in neurosis, the body's reactions to various situations may be ineffective or excessive. Neurosis causes disruptions in the normal function of the body's physiological systems, such as the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. This leads to a weakening of adaptive mechanisms. 

The stress, anxiety, and emotional tension inherent in neurosis hurt tissue regeneration processes. Stress hormones such as cortisol affect immune system function and inflammatory processes, impeding regular tissue repair after physical injury. Increased pain sensitivity, characteristic of neurosis, also negatively affects recovery processes. In addition, neurosis negatively affects the body's overall physical and energetic tone, which affects its ability to recover.

However, all is not lost. We offer you an effective way to get rid of this problem!  

Introducing the "Magic of Color," an innovative impulse-color therapy program to help you cope with the harmful physical influences of an unstable world. "The "Magic of Color" is an innovative impulse-color therapy course based on cutting-edge research in neuropsychology. 

We target specific areas of your brain with powerful color impulses to heal you from neurosis and improve your physical and emotional health. Our therapy focuses on strengthening the immune system, increasing adaptive capacity, and tissue repair after injuries.

Under the influence of color impulses, your body will begin to actively fight the effects of harmful physical influences. Your immune system will become the savior of your health, protecting you from their damaging effects and helping you to cope with their consequences.

Watch a video on how you'll watch impulse-color therapy and become a better version of yourself

The "Magic of Color" course will not only help you to cope with the effects of temperature changes, electromagnetic fields, and neurosis on your health. Still, it will also open up new horizons for personal development. You will have strong protection against harmful physical influences, with the help of which you will easily overcome any obstacles in your life path. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your life and overcome negative environmental influences. Buy a course of impulse color therapy, "Magic of Color," today and become the master of your health and well-being!

Benefits and Advantages

Immerse yourself in a world of benefits and advantages that await you with a course of pulse color therapy, The "Magic of Color":
The course will help you get rid of neurosis, which is having a very negative effect on your life and health. You can free yourself from emotional and psychological suffering, bringing joy and harmony back into your life.
Restores the protective function of the skin, the ability to protect the body from mechanical injuries and infections.
"Magic of Color" restores your immune system. Your body will begin to actively fight the effects of physical damage: injuries, wounds, fractures, heat, sunburns, heat strokes, temperature and air pressure fluctuations, cold, X-rays, gamma rays, noise, and EMF.
Restores the function of pain receptors damaged by neurosis.
Restores the body's adaptive capabilities.
Positive effect on tissue regeneration processes and physical injuries: trauma, fracture, postoperative period, blow, burns, etc.
Comprehensive approach: The course includes work with the brain and all 27 body organs suffering from neurosis. We provide complete coverage of all aspects of health so you can achieve maximum results.
Long-Term Benefits: The "Magic of Color" is not just a short-term solution. Our course is designed to last 6 months, allowing us to maintain a highly effective immune system against physical afflictions in the long term.
Improving Energy Potential: The color impulses used in the course will help you restore and increase your energy potential. You will feel more energetic, active, and ready to overcome difficulties.
Individualized approach: We consider your individual characteristics and needs. Our therapy program is designed to adapt to your goals and provide you with the best solutions for success.
Professional support: Our team of experienced medical psychologists is here to help you every step of the way. We will support, motivate, and help you overcome obstacles to health and psychological well-being.
Our innovative impulse-color therapy will transform your life, eliminate neurosis, strengthen your immune system, and help you find harmony and success. Trust the professionals and start your journey to freedom today. Open the door to health and well-being with impulse color therapy "Magic of Color"!
Prices and packages

Invest in your health and longevity with a personal course of pulse color therapy, "Magic of Color"! Our approach to pricing is based on the individual characteristics of your body. We perform detailed testing to determine your biological rate of aging, the state of cognitive brain function, and the degree of neurotic damage. We also consider psycho-oncological risks and the morphological condition of your 27 major body organs. As a result, the cost of the course is formed based on these data to provide the most effective and personalized plan for correcting neurosis and the functional problems of the body's immune system caused by it. Course prices start at 1,500 Euros for 6 months of unique impulse-color therapy.

The price of the Magic of Color course includes 2 control tests, 2 consultations (4 hours of expert work), and 2 program updates (as needed!). Every 2 months, we conduct a detailed analysis of your progress, assessing the results of your immune system normalization course. Based on this analysis, we recalculate the autonomic nervous system model and adjust your impulse-color therapy program based on this new data. This ensures the most accurate and effective correction appropriate for your current state of health. We include all these services in the course fee to provide you with unprecedented support and personalization on your journey to a better version of yourself.

Remember, health is an investment that always pays off! A quality life is worth it when you sign up for testing today!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the "Magic of Color" therapy course?
"Color Magic" is an individual 6-month impulse-color therapy program designed to activate the immune system, helping it effectively cope with the effects of damaging physical factors: injuries, wounds, fractures, heat, sunburn, heat stroke, temperature, and atmospheric pressure fluctuations, cold, X-rays, gamma rays, noise, EMF.
How does the "Magic of Color" course work?
The program is based on the use of specially selected color waves, which affect the neural connections of the brain responsible for the effective functioning of the immune system.
What is the cost of the course?
The cost of the course is determined individually for each client based on the results of preliminary testing. The cost can vary from 1,500 Euros up to 6 months of therapy.
What is included in the course fee?
The cost includes 2 control tests, 2 counseling sessions, and 2 program updates for 6 months. This allows us to evaluate your progress regularly and adjust the program as needed.
What are the results of the "Magic of Color" course?

Here are some of the impressive results you can achieve with this course:

  1. Getting rid of neurosis: The "Magic of Color" course will help you overcome neurosis and free yourself from the emotional and psychological suffering limiting your life.
  2. Immune System Strengthening: This course will help your immune system become stronger and more resilient to physical attacks.
  3. Therapy restores the psycho-emotional balance, which leads to improved physical well-being.
  4. Improving Energy Potential: The color pulses used in the course will help you restore and increase your energy potential. You will feel more energetic, active, and ready to overcome difficulties.
Are there any side effects?

No, the "Magic of Color" course has no side effects, as it is a drug-free program to correct neurosis and stimulate the functions of the human immune system. Instead of using the medication, we use pulses of color that work with your body harmoniously and safely, stimulating its natural mechanisms to restore mental and physical health.

How can I start the Magic of Color course?
To start a course, you'll need to take a pre-test. This will help us determine your need for correction and develop the most effective therapy plan based on your health status, rate of aging, and other factors. After testing, we will hold a consultation to discuss your results and offer you a customized "Magic of Color" course.
How is the testing and consultation process for creating the "Magic of Color"?

The testing process for the "Magic of Color" course is detailed and includes 4 tests conducted at different times of the day: 7-9am, 12-13pm, 4-17pm, and 21-22pm. This is done to consider all the fluctuations and peculiarities of your body during the day. Based on these data, we build a mathematical model of your autonomic nervous system, allowing to adjust the program to your needs. The cost of testing is 300 Euros, and a consultation to discuss test results and plan your course costs 450 euro.

Ready to protect your life from physical harm with the "Magic of Color" Therapy? Take the chance to gain health, energy, and harmony! Buy the Magic of Color personalized impulse-color therapy course now and begin the journey to a better version of yourself. Together, let's create the life you've been dreaming of!
Sign up for testing to create a VIP course of impulse-color therapy

I would like to take a special color test and attend a consultation to create a personal VIP course of pulse color therapy. The process is thought out in detail and includes 4 tests that are conducted at different times of the day: 7-9 am, 12-13 pm, 16-17 pm, 21-22 pm. The cost of testing is 300 EUR, and a consultation to discuss the test results and plan your course costs 450 EUR.

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