General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between Todor Milykh, hereinafter referred to as "the counselor", and the client when entering into transactions between them for the purchase and sale of clinical psychologist services through the counselor's online website.




  1. The consultant is clinical psychologist Todor Milykh.
  2. The client is an adult, able-bodied, and mentally competent person who has expressed a desire for psychological help online through the website
  3. The Consultant shall provide the service requested by the Client only following these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) as well as the contract between the parties if such a contract is explicitly concluded.
  4. At the time of purchase, the Client provides the Consultant with the data necessary for the conclusion of the purchase contract, if necessary, a separate contract shall be signed between the parties.




  1. Before the Client is bound by a contract or contract proposal, including when entering into a contract at a distance or outside the Consultant's office, the Consultant shall provide the Client with all legally required information clearly and understandably if it is not clear from the context or the nature of the goods or services. Each Client may review in detail the services offered by Consultant on Consultant's website. The information under the preceding sentence shall include, among other things, a description of the main characteristics of each service, the sales price including VAT(20%) if it can be specified in advance, and information on payment methods. The Consultant and the Client shall conclude a valid contract for the purchase of the service after the Client has completed the order procedure and completed the order, booked an appointment, and/or concluded a separate contract. The moment of conclusion of the contract between the parties shall be deemed to be the moment the Client pays for the service. The Consultant reserves the right to refuse to process the order even after sending the order confirmation to the Client, and any amounts paid by the Client shall be refunded in full. Consultant may refuse to process an order if there is a reasonable doubt that the order is not genuine, including that it does not come from the Client described for the same or other technical reasons. The services are provided under conditions of interaction, mutual respect, trust, interest, and activity of each party, as the Client and the consultant maintain a fully professional relationship (regardless of the psychological intimacy arising during the consultation). Invitations of a personal nature are rejected by the consultant without comment.
  2. To purchase the service, the Client must make an appointment and provide the data necessary to conclude the purchase agreement. The service can also be provided completely online if the Client chooses this option. By following the steps following the previous suggestions, the Customer declares that he agrees with these General Terms and Conditions, after which he confirms the order.
  3. 7. If the Client provides inaccurate data, the Consultant shall not be liable.
  4. 8. Upon confirmation of the order and receipt of payment, the Consultant undertakes to provide the requested service within the period agreed with the Client.




  1. Methods of payment: cash on delivery, bank transfer or another method of payment agreed by the parties, if applicable.
  2. The price includes VAT (20%), and the specific price of the service is provided by the Consultant. Payment shall be made in full in advance. After the service is rendered, the parties can continue their relationship with each other through additional meetings, for which a new fee shall be paid in the amount determined by the Consultant.
  3. the service must be provided within the period specified by the parties in the contract between them. If the Client subsequently declines the service, the Consultant should not reimburse the amount paid by the Client, as it has already committed and reserved its time specifically for this Client. In this case, the Consultant can offer to provide the service at a different date and time. If the Client pays for a service but fails to appear for a consultation on the date and time specified for its delivery, the Consultant does not have to reimburse the amount paid and is not obliged to set a new date and time for a new appointment.




  1. For services offered by the Consultant, the right of refusal does not apply because the product purchased is a service, and when it is purchased and provided, the service is started immediately and the user loses his right of refusal.

The right to refuse under section 50 of the "Off-Trade Facility Contract and Distance Contract"  does not apply to contracts:

  1. for services in which the service is provided in its entirety and its performance has begun with the consumer's explicit prior consent and confirmation that he knows he will lose his right of withdrawal once the contract is fully performed by the seller;
  2. providing digital content that is not delivered on a tangible medium when the production and delivery of such content have begun with the express consent of the user, who has confirmed that by doing so he knows that he will lose his right to opt-out.
  3. The Consultant shall not be liable if the Client has misinterpreted the performance of the service.




  1. The Consultant is the controller of personal data and guarantees the inviolability of the information provided by the Client. Disclosure of personal data is possible in the manner prescribed by law. The Client is informed that the Consultant will process, including save, the personal data provided by the Client for the Contract to fulfill the Consultant's obligations to deliver goods and services. Personal data will be stored, processed, and accordingly deleted under the requirements of applicable law, as more detailed information can be found in the Consultant's Personal Data Processing Policy published on its website.
  2. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the computer or mobile device through which the Client visits a website and is downloaded from it on subsequent visits. The Consultant uses cookies to improve and facilitate each subsequent visit to the Client. Cookies are not used to store personal information or disclose information to third parties. Details about cookies are published on the Consultant's website.
  3. Consultant does not violate the intellectual property rights of others. The Consultant does not guarantee that access to the site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, as this is beyond the Consultant's ability, control, and will. The services provided by the Consultant are not fully protected by copyright, and their misuse by third parties is subject to legal sanctions. During the provision of services, the Consultant may provide the Client with materials related to the provision of the service, which shall become the Client's property upon full payment of the full cost of the service.
  4. Unless expressly stated otherwise, each party to the contract still in force shall not be liable for non-performance, in whole or in part, and/or in cases where obligations go beyond the terms of the contract, in the case of which the non-performance is due to force majeure. The party or its legal representative referring to force majeure circumstances must immediately and comprehensively notify the other party of the occurrence of the event and take measures to prevent it to limit its consequences. The party or its legal representative who invokes the event described above shall only be released from liability if the occurrence of the event prevents it from performing the contract in good faith.
  5. The Client agrees to maintain the confidentiality of any information related to the conclusion, performance, and existence of the contract and the relationship between the parties. The existence and terms of the contract shall be construed as "Confidential Information" and shall not be disclosed by either party. "Confidential Information" means any information provided in written, oral or electronic form) that is disclosed by the parties and clearly marked as confidential by Consultant or that could reasonably be expected to be perceived as confidential by Client. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to: business, financial, accounting and marketing information, analyses, projections or designs, documentation, procedures, innovations, concepts, reports, drawings, sketches, plans, trade secrets, know-how, and/or other intellectual property, personal contacts and relationships of the parties to the Agreement.
  6. The Consultant may change the current General Terms and Conditions at any time and publish them on its website, notifying the change in a prominent place on its website.
  7. In the event of a dispute between the Consultant and the Client, the Client shall have the opportunity to contact the local agency for alternative dispute resolution after they have been unable to resolve the dispute with the Consultant. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Authority in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be:

Joint Conciliation Commission of the Commission for the Protection of Consumer Rights. Sofia, A. Slavejkov Square, 4.

  1. These General Terms and Conditions comply with the Bulgarian legislation. In all cases not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, the applicable law of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply and judicial disputes shall be referred to the competent court of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  2. This document is a translation from the Bulgarian language. In case of legal questions, the original document in Bulgarian will be used, which you can find in the respective language version of the consultant's website.
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