The "Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" is a course of impulse-color therapy for controlling appetite and forming healthy eating habits

«Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" is an innovative impulse-color therapy course based on cutting-edge research in neuropsychology. Our unique approach allows programming your brain to regulate your appetite and achieve your ideal weight. We use color pulses to affect your psychological and emotional responses, creating healthy neural connections and associations with food in your brain. This helps to balance your diet, control your appetite and form new eating habits.

Neurosis and overeating problems are common and closely related. Neurosis, which is a functional neuropsychiatric disorder, has a significant impact on eating behavior and leads to weight gain.

Overeating is one way to cope with the emotional discomfort, stress, or anxiety often accompanying neurosis. Many people turn to food as a source of comfort, satisfaction, or a way to relieve negative emotions. This leads to excessive food intake, especially foods high in fat and sugar, eventually leading to weight gain. 

However, neurosis can also directly affect the body's physiological processes related to metabolism and appetite regulation. Some neurosis can cause changes in hormonal balance, such as increased release of the stress hormone cortisol, which stimulates appetite, resulting in a desire to eat more significant portions. 

Neurosis leads to decreased motivation for physical activity and exercise: 

  1. Emotional and physical fatigue: Neurosis is accompanied by feelings of constant fatigue and exhaustion, both emotional and physical. In such cases, people simply do not feel the urge to exercise. 
  2. Decreased interest and enjoyment: Neurosis leads to losing interest in former hobbies, including physical activity and sports. People experience apathy, restlessness, and loss of enjoyment of previous sports activities and become sedentary. 

Overeating and physical inactivity under the influence of neurosis directly leads to obesity and health problems! Being overweight can cause various health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, joint problems, and cancer.

Life is a beautiful journey full of joy, inspiration, and opportunity. However, for people suffering from obesity, this journey becomes full of sadness and emotional suffering. With each step, they feel their self-esteem and self-confidence plummeting lower and lower. People dissatisfied with their bodies often face unpleasant emotions such as shame, resentment, and sadness. They feel unattractive and unworthy of love and acceptance. This leads to feelings of loneliness and alienation. Obesity also affects the quality of life of these people. They experience physical discomfort, suffer from movement restrictions and experience constant fatigue. They face many negative emotions that accumulate and poison their lives. They often experience feelings of failure and hopelessness, seeing no way to change their situation. This causes depression and anxiety, which only increases their emotional suffering.

However, all is not lost. We offer you an effective way to get rid of this problem! Welcome to the world of “Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition”, an innovative impulse-color therapy course that will change your life forever! This innovative impulse-color therapy course will guide you to a new life free of neurosis and overeating. 

Don't you know that overeating isn't just a perpetually hungry stomach problem? It's a story the brain writes through neural connections! In the case of overeating, the brain creates negative neural patterns or connections that are activated when we find ourselves in situations caused by stress or anxiety. These negative patterns cause us to doubt ourselves and feel that we won't be able to cope with life's problems. And a person begins to "binge" on this stress!

Watch a video on how you'll watch impulse-color therapy and become a better version of yourself

Now we offer you a revolutionary solution - impulse-color therapy designed to "reprogram" your brain.

We use pulses of color to create new positive neural connections within you. These bright pulses of color will fill you with confidence, improve your emotional health, and help reduce your appetite.

Our course is a true journey to positive self-esteem and wellness. We work with your brain and all 27 of your body's organs using a mathematical model of the autonomic nervous system to rid you of neurosis and remove its effects on your body through overeating. Our team of professionals knows how to use neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to form and change neural connections- to your advantage!

«Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" is your unique chance to free yourself from the shackles of overeating and create new rational eating habits. We'll help you open the door to self-esteem, confidence, and joy in life!

Benefits and Advantages

Immerse yourself in a world of benefits that await you with the Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition impulse-color therapy course:
Body Transformation: With our innovative impulse-color therapy course, you can achieve your ideal weight and body shape. We will help you "reprogram" negative neural patterns associated with overeating and create new eating habits.
Mental wellness: The therapy course works not only with the physical aspects but also with your mental health. We help you build self-confidence, increase your self-esteem, and deal with the emotional suffering associated with dissatisfaction with your body.
Comprehensive approach: The course includes work with the brain and all 27 body organs suffering from neurosis. We provide complete coverage of all aspects of your health so you can achieve maximum results.
Long-Term Benefits: The «Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition” is not just a short-term solution. Our course is designed to last 6-8 months, allowing you to implement new habits and maintain results over the long term.
Professional support: Our team of experienced specialists - medical psychologists - is always ready to help you. We will support, motivate, and help you overcome obstacles to your ideal figure and psychological well-being.
Inspiration and joy: Changing your life and body is inspiring and joyful. With the "Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition," you will discover new possibilities for yourself, gain confidence and become the main character of your life!
Individualized: We take into account your individual characteristics and needs. Our therapy program is designed to adapt to your goals and provide you with the best solutions for success.
The admiration of others: With a slim new body, you'll attract admiring glances. Your confidence, health, and attractiveness will not go unnoticed.
Creating a Happy Family: Losing weight and achieving an ideal body shape can be essential factors in creating a happy family.
Meeting your ideal partner: When you reach your ideal weight, you'll open up new possibilities for meeting your ideal partner. Your new body will reflect your confidence, self-care, and attractiveness, which will attract the right people.
Losing weight and achieving your desired body shape will increase self-esteem. You will be proud of yourself and look at yourself with love and respect.
Health and energy: Weight loss will lead to better health and higher energy levels. You will feel like a person full of strength and energy, ready to take on all life's challenges.
Take advantage of the opportunity to open a new, happy chapter in your life with the “Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition”. Achieving your ideal weight will bring many benefits and open doors to happiness, confidence, and new opportunities.
Prices and packages

Invest in your health and longevity with our «Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" Course! Our approach to pricing is based on the individual characteristics of your body. We perform detailed testing to determine your biological rate of aging, the state of cognitive brain function, and the degree of neurotic damage. We also consider psycho-oncological risks and the morphological condition of your 27 major body organs. As a result, the cost of the course is formed based on these data to provide the most effective and personalized plan for correcting neurosis and the functional problems of the body's immune system caused by it. Course prices start at 1,500 Euros for 6 months of unique impulse-color therapy.

The "Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition” course includes 2 control tests, 2 consultations (4 hours of expert work), and 2 program updates (as needed!). Every 2 months, we conduct a detailed analysis of your progress, assessing the results of your appetite normalization course. Based on this analysis, we recalculate your autonomic nervous system model and adjust your impulse-color therapy program based on this new data. This ensures the most accurate and effective correction appropriate for your current state of health. We include all these services in the course fee to provide you with unprecedented support and personalization on your journey to a better version of yourself.

Remember, health is an investment that always pays off! A quality life with a beautiful and slim body is worth it if you sign up for testing today!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition course?
«Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" is an individualized 6-month impulse-color therapy program designed to control appetite and promote healthy eating habits throughout life.
How does the "Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" course work?
The program is based on specially selected color waves, which affect the brain's neural connections responsible for eating behavior. This improves the person's emotional state and reduces appetite (get rid of overeating caused by neurosis).
What is the cost of the course?
The cost of the course is determined individually for each client based on the results of preliminary testing. The cost can vary from 1,500 Euros up to 6 months of therapy.
What is included in the course fee?
The price includes 2 control tests, 2 counseling sessions, and 2 program updates for 6 months. This allows us to evaluate your progress regularly and adjust the program as needed.
What are the results of the Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition course?
  1. Weight Loss: This course will help you achieve your desired weight and body shape. With impulse-color therapy, you can control your appetite, eliminate bad eating habits and lose weight without grueling diets and stress.
  2. Increased energy and vitality: Eating right and working with your brain will help activate your inner resources and increase your energy levels. You'll feel more alert, stronger, and ready to easily tackle everyday tasks.
  3. Improved digestion and overall health: The "Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" course helps to optimize your digestive system, strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health. You will experience ease and comfort after meals, get rid of stomach and intestinal problems, and reduce the risk of developing various diseases.
  4. Increase self-confidence: The “Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition” will help you love and accept your body and improve your self-esteem and confidence. You'll shine from the inside out, feel great, and have complete confidence.
  5. Forming Healthy Habits: This course will help you develop and reinforce healthy eating habits that will accompany you throughout your life. 
Are there any side effects?

The “Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition” course has no side effects because it is a drug-free appetite reduction program. Instead of using the medication, we use pulses of color that work with your body harmoniously and safely, stimulating its natural repair mechanisms and forming a healthy eating pattern.

How can I start the «Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" Course?
To start a course, you'll need to take a pre-test. This will help us determine your need for correction and develop the most effective therapy plan based on your health status, rate of aging, and other factors. After testing, we will conduct a consultation to discuss your results and offer you a personalized “Rainbow Balanced Nutrition” course.
How does the testing and consultation process for creating a «Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition" occur?

The testing process for the “Rainbow Balanced Nutrition” course is detailed and includes 4 tests conducted at different times of the day: 7-9am, 12-13pm, 4-17pm, and 9-22pm. This is done to consider all the fluctuations and peculiarities of your body during the day. Based on these data, we build a mathematical model of your autonomic nervous system, which allows to adjust the program to your individual needs. The cost of testing is 300 Euros, and a consultation to discuss test results and plan your course costs 450 Euros.

Don't wait. Take action! Make the decision to change your life today. Join the "Rainbow of Balanced Eating" course and start your way to an ideal weight and body shape. Manage your appetite, break bad habits, and achieve results without stress and hunger. Sign up for testing now to start your journey to a life without neurosis and overeating!
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I would like to take a special color test and attend a consultation to create a personal VIP course of pulse color therapy. The process is thought out in detail and includes 4 tests that are conducted at different times of the day: 7-9 am, 12-13 pm, 16-17 pm, 21-22 pm. The cost of testing is 300 EUR, and a consultation to discuss the test results and plan your course costs 450 EUR.

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