The scientific basis of impulse-color therapy is an effective drug-free treatment of neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses.

Impulse-color therapy is the correction of human health and emotional state, which is based on the principles of the regularity of the biological response to electromagnetic wave action.

Color waves are electromagnetic waves that we see as different colors. The visible spectrum of colors lies between 380-750 nm wavelengths and includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and violet. The different color wavelengths have other parameters, which can be described as follows: 

  • Red: 620 nm to 750 nm wavelength, 400-484 THz vibrational frequency, brightness is high, saturation is high, color temperature is warm.
  • Orange: wavelength 590 nm to 620 nm, the vibrational frequency 484-508 THz, medium brightness, medium saturation, warm color temperature.
  • Yellow: wavelength 570 nm to 590 nm, vibrational frequency 508-526 THz, brightness high, saturation high, color temperature warm.
  • Green: 495 nm to 570 nm wavelength, 526-606 THz vibrational frequency, medium brightness, high saturation, cool color temperature.
  • Cyan (light blue): wavelength 450 nm to 495 nm, vibrational frequency 606-670 THz, medium brightness, medium saturation, cool color temperature.
  • Blue (dark blue): wavelength 435 nm to 450 nm, vibrational frequency 670-700 THz, brightness low, saturation high, color temperature cool.
  • Violet: wavelength 380 nm to 435 nm, 700-789 THz, low brightness, high saturation, cool color temperature. 

Impulse-color therapy is individually calculated information: color waves of the right length and frequency of oscillation, which are necessary for the brain to correct pathological neural connections. 

Pathological neural connections are changes in the structure and functioning of the brain that can occur due to various disorders, including neurotic lesions. For example, pathological neural connections in depression (one of the symptoms of neurosis!) lead to changes in brain functioning that result in disturbances in mood, thinking, and behavior, as well as specific color perception! 

Based on the personal model of color perception (a unique model of the vegetative nervous system), it is possible to calculate the parameters of distortion of color perception in depression and other painful states, as well as to prepare an individual set of color waves, which corrects color perception disorders caused by the disease. Based on the principle of biofeedback, it reduces the symptoms of neurosis and its impact on the person! 

That's what makes the Color Perception Model (a personal model of the autonomic nervous system) unique: a person's depression causes a distortion in the perception of blue and yellow. The model immediately sees that this person needs blue (wavelength 442 nm, vibrational frequency 681 THz) and yellow (wavelength 598 nm, vibrational frequency 501 THz)! Notice, not 440 nm or 452 nm, but precisely 442 nm!

The technology of pulse-color therapy and diagnosis of neurosis is implemented in the form of the software "All Colors of Life". The program shows 10 indicators of fundamental emotions, 56 indicators of personality, 496 indicators of psychosomatic risks for 27 major organs of the body, in total more than 600 indicators of health. A complete picture of the impact of the psychological state on health. Do not miss the opportunity to get detailed information about your health and start living in pleasure today!

The course of impulse-color therapy

The personal course of impulse-color therapy for this patient is an individual video file containing a unique set of color glare: blue color - 442 nm, oscillation frequency - 681THz, and yellow color - 598 nm, oscillation frequency - 501THz. This file is prepared by our program according to the results of decoding the personal model of color perception. It considers more than eight hundred secret parameters received from the person during the test.

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The patient's work with a course of impulse-color therapy is for the patient to watch this video file twice a day (morning and evening, before going to bed) on a laptop, tablet, or phone for a time selected by the clinical psychologist. Improvements come at 3 weeks with a course of impulse-color therapy!

The brain sees colors because of special cells called cones in the retina. The cones contain different pigments that perceive the light of different wavelengths corresponding to different colors. The cones are divided into three types, which perceive light in the red, green, and blue ranges. When light hits the retina, the cones perceive it and generate electrical impulses that are transmitted via nerve fibers to the brain's visual cortex. In the visual cortex, color information is combined and processed, allowing us to see colors.

In addition to the cones, the retina also contains rods, another type of light-sensitive cell. The rods perceive light with less accuracy and are not responsible for color vision but allow us to see in low light conditions. Thus, colors are perceived through the work of special cells in the retina and information processing in the brain's visual cortex.

The visual cortex is the part of the brain responsible for processing visual information, including color vision. This brain area contains many neurons that work together to process and analyze eye data. One of the critical aspects of the brain's connection of the visual cortex to neuro regulation is that colors affect a person's emotional state. For example, red can evoke feelings of fear, aggression, and agitation, while blue can be calming and reduce anxiety. Research also shows that using specific colors increases productivity and efficiency at work, improves mood, and even promotes faster healing of wounds and injuries.

Overall, the link between the brain's visual cortex and neuro regulation suggests that colors significantly impact human emotions, behavior, and physiology. This phenomenon has been used in our impulse-color therapy technology to manage emotional states and improve patients' health and quality of life.

A course of impulse-color therapy "encrypts" therapeutic information in a convenient and understandable form for the brain. The method combines the color as a carrier of healing information and a sequence of impulses (like in laser therapy), which our brain perceives with great accuracy, transforming it into commands and algorithms for controlling the health of the human body and psyche. A verified mathematical model allows us to negotiate with neurons, communicating with them in the same language and inserting "health" code into the processes of health regulation. This is how neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses are healed. 

The method of personal impulse-color correction is certified and, since 2002, has been used in health care institutions of Russia as a system of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of psychosomatic disorders and neurosis.

Impulse-color therapy always gives a positive result (80 - 94% effectiveness of treatment by the results of clinical studies!).

 In addition, it has:  

  • No contraindications;
  • No toxic effects on the body (because you do not take pills!);
  • No side effects;
  • It combines perfectly with the correct medical treatment and enhances its positive impact.

Impulse-color therapy will help you cope with emotional and physical problems, improve your mood, increase efficiency, and find harmony in life. Trust the effectiveness of the time-tested method and start enjoying the positive changes today! Sign up for color testing right now so we can create your personalized course of impulse-color therapy!

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