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600+ emotional and physical well-being parameters await you at a consultation with a clinical psychologist!
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Suppose you want to solve your emotional problems. Contact a professional clinical psychologist. In that case, I am ready to help you achieve a better life. My expertise and experience in diagnosing and correcting various diseases, including neuroses and psychosomatic illnesses, will help you understand your emotions and experiences, learn to control them, and solve the problems that cause mental and physical discomfort.

A consultation with a clinical psychologist is a one-on-one job where we can work together to solve your problems. I use a unique mathematical model of the autonomic nervous system (color testing), which helps me to pinpoint the true causes of your concerns and develop an individual scheme of correction. During the consultation, you will explore your emotions, understand the reasons for your behavior and learn how to use healthy strategies to adapt to life.

My consultations

Initial (primary) consultation *

The consultation lasts 120 minutes. During this time, you will receive complete information about your health. We will discuss a personal scheme of correction for your problem. You will be able to ask questions and get qualified answers.

305 EUR250 EUR ***

Buy with a discount of 54 EUR
in package 394 for 250 EUR

Re-consultation **

The consultation lasts 40 to 120 minutes (it depends on the information packages!). We will only talk about the information packages you have chosen. We will discuss a personal scheme of correction for your problem.

110 EUR+ the price of the package you are interested in!

* The primary consultation is always based on the results of the analysis of all color test data (mathematical model of the autonomic nervous system);

** At re-consultations, the client can choose the information packages for analysis;

*** Special discount for package ”394” is not permanent and can be canceled or reduced at any time;

Get a unique gift when you buy my consultation!

Now you can get to know yourself even more deeply thanks to the PDF transcript of your color test results, which costs 90 EUR.

The key benefits of my consultation are

You'll get a detailed analysis of your health and emotional state without leaving your home, without fear of anyone seeing you leave the doctor's office. Our online interaction will give you maximum privacy and protection from prying eyes.

Unique information: more than 50 psychological personality traits, 27 major body organs, and over 600 health indicators. A complete picture of the influence of the psychological state on health, such a consultation only the best medical centers. With us, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your health, which will help you significantly improve your quality of life!

Information Accuracy = 94%! Your brain knows better than anyone what's going on with your health and psychological state, and our unique technology will allow it to share this information with you!

Health knowledge is invaluable and necessary for our happiness and well-being. With this knowledge, we can live a long and healthy life, enjoying every moment and giving joy to family and friends.

A painless and non-invasive method of analyzing the cognitive functions of the brain will determine if different areas of your brain are regular and if you are at risk of developing diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Get accurate and reliable information about your health and take steps to keep your brain healthy for life!

The body's aging rate is a vital health parameter that allows us to understand how quickly our body is aging and what measures can be taken to slow this process down. Today there are many methods for determining the body's aging rate, one of which is the Personal Color Perception Model. This model makes it possible to decide on the level of aging of the organism based on the colors a person perceives. Knowing the aging rate of the body is necessary for developing an individual strategy for a healthy lifestyle and prolonging active longevity.

Cancer risk information is invaluable knowledge for everyone. Cancer is a severe disease that can lead to terrible consequences. However, the earlier a person learns about their risks, the better the chances of successful treatment.

Analyze your color preferences and learn about hidden health and emotional problems preventing you from fully living your life.

A personal course in impulse color therapy will help you eliminate problems, stress, and negative emotions. Find out at consultation which impulse color therapy course is right for you!

Just 2 hours of counseling = 600+ discoveries about your authentic self!
Counseling that will turn your life around!
It's more informative and enlightening than 100 hours of psychotherapy!
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