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Effective as of: 26.09.2022

Last modified: 26.09.2022

I. What are cookies and local data storage (cookies and similar technologies)?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit websites. Domain owner cookies (primary cookies) are determined by the website you visit. Third-party cookies are cookies that are used by domains other than the website you are visiting.

Like cookies, local storage technology, if used, allows websites to store information on a computer or mobile device. Local storage is usually persistent and, unlike cookies, data in local storage is not automatically transferred to the Internet every time you visit the website where it is stored.

II. How do we use cookies and similar technologies?

We use cookies and similar technologies on our website to:

- improve the presentation of relevant websites and the user experience,

- We measure exposure to advertising and online media by determining when, how often, and on which websites certain online ads, media, and other content are displayed on your device.

III. Types of cookies:

Our website may use the following types of cookies:

(1) Mandatory cookies:

These cookies are strictly necessary for the website to perform its functions. We use these cookies, for example, in the following cases:

  • to authenticate and identify our users when they use our Site so that we can provide our services;
  • so that we can fulfill our responsibilities and ensure the safety of our services.

(2) Performance and functionality cookies:

These cookies are not strictly necessary, but they do allow us to customize your online experience on our websites. We use these cookies for example:

  • remember your preferences so that you don't have to enter every time information you've already provided / for example, when entering your information to access our services /;

(3) Advertising cookies.

We use these cookies, for example:

  • for information about how you use our websites, such as the pages you visit or how you respond to advertisements, to provide you with ads specifically designed for you;
  • to determine which parts of our Sites are the most popular;
  • to track the use of our services and our Sites (frequency and time);
  • to follow the success of the product;
  • to determine how often you and other users visit our Sites;

Often these cookies are designed to provide tailored advertising to you - both on and off our Sites. This type of advertising is known as "interest-based advertising. Many of these types of cookies are owned by our service providers.

(4) Session cookies:

We may also use session cookies, for example:

  • so that you can navigate between the individual pages of our Site without having to log in again. This practice is known as single sign-on;
  • to get to know you when you return to our Site to take advantage of our services;
  • take test answers to show your score;
  • save your answers to the completed questionnaire (and not fill out the questionnaire many times).

How do we use cookies?

We use cookie information to make our websites more convenient and user-friendly and to provide you with a personalized experience on our website.

IV. Third-party cookies:

We also use certain third-party cookies as part of our services. These cookies are managed by their respective sites and are not under our control.

V. How do I delete cookies?

You can choose whether or not to accept cookies. If you want to know when your computer receives a cookie, you can set your browser to notify you. This allows you to accept or reject the cookie. Your computer can be set to reject all cookies. If you want to know how to do this, visit Please note that changes to your browser that disable the cookie feature will prevent some parts of our Sites from working properly, including the "login" and "play" features.

VI. Changes to our cookie policy:

Any future changes to our Cookie Policy will be posted on this page. All changes will be effective immediately, except for existing customers, for whom the changes will take effect 30 days after publication unless otherwise specified.

VII. Can website users block cookies?

Yes, you can change your browser's privacy settings to block all cookies; however, doing so may seriously affect the functionality of the website and your use of it, as many websites may not work properly. Your browser may allow you to delete all cookies when you close it. However, this option also deletes permanent cookies, which may store your preferences and personal settings on websites that you visit regularly. You can keep the cookies you want, as your browser can allow you to specify which sites you always allow or do not allow cookies.

VIII. Where can I find more information about cookies?

For more information about how organizations use cookies, go to:

IX. This document is a translation from Bulgarian. In case of legal questions, the original document in Bulgarian will be used, which you can find in the respective language version of the consultant's website.

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