Reviews of the results of the use of impulse-color therapy

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Using color therapy to manage my emotions was a real breakthrough for me. I was able to find inner harmony, improve my relationships with others and achieve more excellent emotional stability. I recommend this therapy to everyone looking for effective ways to manage their emotions and achieve emotional well-being.
Anna Ivanova (35, Moscow, Russia)
I have always had problems with anxiety. During therapy sessions, I used special color impulses that helped me to calm down and free myself from anxiety. The colors had a strong effect on my emotions and mood. The results were terrific. My anxiety gradually decreased, and my anxious thoughts became less intrusive. I recommend this therapy to anyone who suffers from anxiety: it will help you find inner harmony and emotional well-being.
Ekaterina Smirnova (45, St. Petersburg, Russia)
During therapy, I used color impulses that helped me to switch from anxious thoughts to something more positive and calming. Colors played a crucial role in changing my inner state and refocusing my attention. I gradually noticed that the anxious, intrusive thoughts began to diminish and stopped triggering my emotional response. However, impulse-color therapy requires patience and practice. With constant use, I saw a gradual improvement in my condition...
Sophia Müller (41, Berlin, Deutschland)
I suffered from panic attacks for a long time, which disrupted my daily functioning and limited my freedom. The feeling of unpredictability and loss of control was extremely frightening. However, I noticed a significant improvement after I started using impulse color therapy. The colors were a powerful tool to help me cope with the intrusive thoughts and physical symptoms of panic. Over time, I noticed that the frequency and severity of my panic attacks decreased significantly. I became more confident in my ability to control the situation and not let panic take over...
Emily Johnson (35, New York City, United States)
I used to suffer from irritation and anger issues that interfered with my relationships and daily life. I constantly felt stressed and "exploding" with anger for no apparent reason. The colors helped me take my mind off the irritants and reduce my emotional tension. I noticed that my reactions to irritating situations became more balanced and controlled. The color impulses helped me calm my emotions of anger and irritation. I now react to people more constructively instead of reacting out of anger as I used to.
Dmitry Morozov (34, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Color impulses helped me change my mood and switch to brighter, more positive thoughts. Over time, I noticed that sadness and longing were overwhelming me less and less. Color impulses became my companions in the healing process, helping me to release the heaviness of sadness and tune into a more positive frame of mind. Of course, impulse-color therapy takes work and patience. However, the fantastic results are worth the effort! Now I feel more joy and inner harmony. My life has really changed, thank you!
Carmen Lopez (42, Madrid, Spain)
I felt constant fatigue and a lack of energy for a long time, which affected my physical and emotional state. I began to feel lethargic and indifferent to the world around me. Color impulses became a source of inspiration and positive energy for me. After 3 weeks, I began to feel more active and energetic. The color pulses became a "recharge" for me, which helped me to recover and cope with everyday tasks.
Benjamin Mitchell (51, Los Angeles, USA)
I would like to share my experience using impulse-color therapy to overcome apathy. This therapy helped me eliminate indifference to life and find new motivations. During therapy, the color pulses awakened bright, positive feelings and emotions in me. Each color stimulated my good mood and changed my inner state. The colors helped me activate various joyful emotions and begin to perceive the world around me in a new light. After 3 months of therapy, apathy began to give way to new interests and desire for activity. I became more active, began to look for new activities, and find pleasure even in the small joys of life. Color impulses helped me to get out of the dead end of life. Thank you!
Gabriela Terzieva (41, Varna, Bulgaria)
Emotional instability created difficulties in my relationships and daily life. My emotions were out of control, and I experienced mood swings for no apparent reason. But thanks to impulse color therapy, I could cope with this terrible condition. Color impulses became a powerful means of self-expression and self-regulation for me. Working with color impulses gave me calmness and inspiration, and much joy. Over time, I noticed that my emotional instability began to give way to more excellent emotional stability. Color impulses helped me understand my emotional reactions and learn to regulate them.
Elena Dimitrova (35, Sofia, Bulgaria)
For a long time, I had been experiencing dissatisfaction in my relationship with my husband. Feelings of frustration and lack of understanding were interfering with my well-being and happiness. I found a way to change my approach to this problem through impulse-color therapy. I used color impulses in therapy to explore and understand my relationship emotions. Each color became a symbol of certain aspects of interaction and communication. I learned what emotions and thoughts different colors evoked and how they affected my condition. Over time, I realized that dissatisfaction with relationships often stemmed from my perceptions and expectations. The color impulses helped me to influence negative emotions, getting rid of which I found more constructive ways to communicate with my spouse. Our relationship is now better. Thank you for your help!
Svetlana Volkova (56, Minsk, Belarus)
Sexual infidelity has severe consequences for the relationship and trust. When I faced this problem, I felt deep pain and disappointment. But thanks to pulse-color therapy, I was able to begin the process of healing and mental recovery. I used color impulses in therapy to explore my emotions and reactions to sexual infidelity. I overcame my fear of discussing my feelings, worries, doubts, and reluctance to communicate with my husband. The color impulses were a powerful tool that helped us initiate discussion, deal with hurt feelings, and establish communication. They helped create a safe space to express feelings without judgment or negative emotions. That's the effect! Thank you!
Olivia Thompson (39, Toronto, Canada)
This therapy became a real salvation for me, helped me to cope with emotional tension, and helped me to establish more harmonious relations in the family. The strained relations with my relatives harmed my emotional state. For a long time, I experienced stress, frustration, and anger when faced with conflicts and misunderstandings in the family. But I learned how to manage my emotions thanks to impulse color therapy. I learned how to manage my stress and anger because impulses of color are as calming as Prozac. The calm state helps show patience in conflict situations, contributing to a deeper understanding between all family members.
Jivka Nikolova (45, Sofia, Bulgaria)
For a long time, I suffered from a lack of self-confidence and often doubted my abilities. However, thanks to impulse-color therapy, I found a way to change my attitude and develop a healthier self-esteem. The colors worked as positive reminders of my own worth and uniqueness. They helped me draw attention to my strengths and accomplishments and the positive qualities I possess. I began to see myself very differently! Although changing my self-esteem takes time, pulse-color therapy is an excellent self-development tool that supports my positive self-image even today...
Biser Goranov (35, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
Money problems are very stressful mentally. I felt constant stress, anxiety, and worry, fear of not paying back the loan. This began to hurt my general well-being and quality of life in general. Impulse Color Therapy became a source of psychological support and helped me manage my emotions. Color therapy also helped me to change my attitude toward financial problems. I learned to see them not only as a source of stress but also as an opportunity for personal growth and development. Colors have helped me focus on finding creative solutions, new opportunities, and perspectives and developing a positive attitude toward my financial goals. Impulse Color Therapy will not pay the loan instead of you! However, it gave you emotional stability and positive thinking, which are essential in making decisions and overcoming financial problems.
Gavin Weston (38, London, UK)
Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we can face. Grief and sorrow are overwhelming; sometimes, we can never cope with this feeling of heartache and longing. Pulse Color Therapy has been a real salvation for me. Pulses of color became my way of communicating with "black" emotions. They allowed me to begin the process of acceptance and healing. Impulse Color Therapy supported me in getting through this challenging time in my life and helped me cope with grief. This therapy helped me to keep the memory of my loved one alive and, gradually, to find the inner strength to go on living without him...
Isabella Conte (37, Milan, Italy)
Overcoming the problem of overeating became a reality thanks to pulse-color therapy. It was a true discovery for me. Color impulses became an indispensable tool in the fight against stress and anxiety. They helped me to recognize and express emotions without resorting to excessive servings of food! I realized that self-care and mental harmony are more important than just eating. Today I eat much less, and my weight dropped from 96k to 65kg. I am 171! I am delighted and proud of myself! Thanks to the color!
Irina Gerenuk (39, Kiev, Ukraine)
Impulse-color therapy became my salvation from insomnia. I used to suffer from constant trouble falling asleep and restless dreams. The color combinations allow me to relax and quiet my thoughts. They create a harmonious atmosphere and promote a night of deep and restful sleep. The color pulses have become my "magic ritual" before sleeping. After 4 weeks, I noticed a significant change in my sleep quality. I began to fall asleep more quickly and sleep soundly through the night. Restless dreams gradually disappeared, and I began to wake up feeling awake and rested. The pulse-color therapy helped me to restore normal sleep patterns and find inner peace.
Camille Leclerc (59 years old, Paris, France)
I want to share my experience with pulse color therapy and its positive impact on my health. A year ago, my condition was far from ideal. Blood pressure spikes, insomnia, arrhythmia, fear, and anxiety accompanied me everywhere. I went to many doctors and took various medications, but my well-being did not improve. One day I came across the website and decided to take computer diagnostics. The color testing helped me to find the cause of my problems. I agreed to take courses of pulse color therapy for a year. My condition gradually began to improve and normalize. My insomnia was gone, my anxiety was less tangible, and I wanted to create again. After a year of therapy, a new diagnosis showed that several organs had already moved from the risk zone to the healthy zone. This was an incredible achievement for me. I decided to continue my course of treatment. After six months, the diagnosis showed that my biological age was 40 when I was 56. There was only one organ at risk left. I hope further treatment will help restore my total health and mood. Impulse-color therapy has given me new hope and faith that recovery is possible.
Aleksandra Kowalska (56, Warsaw, Poland)
I came to Todor when I was in a terrible condition. I could sit and move around the apartment. Walking outside was a real struggle. I ambled from one doorway to the next, began to suffocate, and needed at least 5 minutes of rest (literally the life of a very old person). No desire, no interest. Colorless eyes. Cracked literally the entire skeleton. Numerous herniated spines and inflamed joints in my hands made a living without pain impossible. I had no strength to live and did not want to die. I am an optimist by nature - a seeker and pioneer. Of all the activities I could do, only the computer could help me. The necessary information came. The form of presentation on the site was convincing. I was diagnosed, bought pulse-color correction, and started to look at it. The first sessions immediately gave me a deep breath. Tense muscles relaxed. I was able to appreciate how curtailed my body was. Then came the joy! Just like that! I began to laugh. Soon I was back to my daily routine. There were aggravations, sometimes very severe. But I knew from experience that it is not forever. You have to be patient. After undergoing a correction, my eyes were filled with color again. At one point, I remembered myself when I was young. It literally reeked of youth. I finished the course. My mood was excellent and reasonable. More strength. My general state has improved. I will definitely continue.
Emma Lindström (48 , Gothenburg, Sweden)
In January 2022, I went to a specialist in pulse color therapy because of panic attacks, sleep disturbances, severe headaches, and dizziness. During the first few months of the course, I noticed that the symptoms sometimes disappeared completely and sometimes appeared even worse. This was frightening, as this had never happened before with medication. However, after four months, things gradually began to improve. At the moment (June 2022), I have no panic attacks, the feeling of constant anxiety has given way to occasional restlessness, the headaches are less frequent and less intense, but my sleep is still disturbed, and the dizziness is less frequent. It is too early to talk about complete recovery, but the course lasts one year, so I am confident in the best result.
Victoria Bogdanova (36, Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Color therapy is a convenient treatment method that does not require a trip to the hospital or a line to the doctor. In the first year of treatment, I could quit smoking and get rid of years of drug addiction, even though before, I was constantly going to pharmacies in search of miracle drugs and finding myself sick! In the second year of treatment, I lost the extra weight - 22 kg! I have been using these programs for several years and recommend them to everyone.
Nikolay Petrov (35, Sofia, Bulgaria)
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