Color Shield: reliable protection against neurosis and chemical enemies

Pesticides, dyes, preservatives, heavy metals, pollutants... Modern life is filled with harmful chemicals that penetrate the body and destroy health. They are the ones that prevent many people from recovering and living a whole life!

"Color Shield" is a unique impulse-color therapy course that will improve your life and protect you from neurosis and the damaging effects of harmful chemicals. We use advanced techniques based on psychology and neuroscience to affect your brain and restore your physical and emotional health. Using color pulses, we activate your immune system to help it effectively cope with the harmful chemicals surrounding us daily.

Protect yourself with the "Color Shield" and become invincible against neurosis and chemical enemies!

Course Description

Throughout our lives, we are constantly exposed to various chemicals, from cosmetics and household chemicals to polluted air and food! These substances have their own adverse effects on our health.  

Chemical hazards are substances or chemical compounds that can cause harm to humans through contact with them. Humans come into contact with chemical harm in a variety of situations. Here are a few examples: 

  1. Industrial plants: Workers in manufacturing facilities are exposed to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents, poisonous gases, and other industrial chemicals.
  2. Household: In household chores, when using chemical detergents, cleaning and disinfecting products, deodorants, cosmetics, and other household chemicals.
  3. Agriculture: Agricultural workers encounter chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other agrochemicals.
  4. Construction: When working on construction sites, there is interaction with chemical materials such as adhesives, paints, mortars, etc.
  5. Automotive Industry: Workers in auto repair shops, auto body repair shops, car washes, and other automotive industries may be exposed to chemicals in oils, fuels, and automotive chemicals. 

Chemicals in food and water pose a potential health hazard if they are present in unacceptable concentrations or have toxic properties. Here are some examples of chemicals that can be encountered in food and water: 

  1. Pesticides: These are chemicals used to kill pests in agriculture. Pesticide residue can remain on fruits and vegetables that we eat.
  2. Pesticide growth regulators: Some pesticides, such as growth hormones, are used to increase the yield of certain foods. They may be present in meat, milk, and other animal products.
  3. Pesticide Residues in Water: Water from rivers, lakes, springs, or water systems may contain pesticide residues that enter water from agricultural fields or other pollution sources.
  4. Food additives: Some chemical additives, such as coloring agents, preservatives, and antioxidants, are used to improve the appearance and shelf life of foods.
  5. Heavy Metals: Various heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium can be present in fish, giant marine fish, which can accumulate these substances during their lifetime.
  6. Chemical Contaminants in Water: Water contains various chemical contaminants such as fluorides, chlorine, chlorine derivatives, and other substances used to treat water.
Alcohol, smoking, and drugs are also harmful chemicals!

Harmful chemicals can irritate the skin and mucous membranes, general poisoning, allergic reactions, damage to the respiratory tract, and many other adverse effects on human health! Very often, people cannot recover from various diseases due to the effects of harmful chemicals on the body!  

The immune system protects us from their potential harm. The immune system can recognize certain chemicals that may be toxic or harmful to our bodies. It activates various defense mechanisms, including the production of unique antibodies and cytokines, which help to eliminate these substances from the body or neutralize their effects. In addition, the immune system can "remember" harmful chemicals we have previously encountered. This makes it more effective against repeated exposures and strengthens its defense mechanisms. 

Stress and the emotional disturbances accompanying neurosis lead to an imbalance in the immune system. Under constant stress, the body releases more stress hormones, such as cortisol, which suppress immune function. This makes our bodies more vulnerable to exposure to harmful chemicals. 

In addition, stress and negative emotions affect the behavioral aspects of self-reported use of harmful chemicals. People suffering from neurosis turn to compensatory mechanisms, such as increased consumption of alcohol, smoking, or drugs, to cope with emotional discomfort. This leads to increased exposure of the body to toxic substances and a decrease in its ability to deal with them effectively.

Moreover, people suffering from neurosis are more susceptible to exposure to harmful chemicals because of the reduced function of the body's barrier systems. For example, reduced stomach acidity or impaired gut microbiota dramatically reduces the body's ability to metabolize or excrete certain chemical compounds, which increases their toxicity and negative impact on human health! 

However, all is not lost. We offer you an effective way to get rid of this problem!  

"Color Shield" is an innovative impulse-color therapy course based on cutting-edge research in neuropsychology. We target specific areas of your brain with powerful pulses of color to heal you of neurosis and improve your physical and emotional health. But there is one more benefit that "Color Shield" will bring to your life - it restores your immune system!

Watch a video on how you'll watch impulse-color therapy and become a better version of yourself

Under the influence of color impulses, your body will begin to actively fight the action of harmful chemicals surrounding you from everywhere, even in food and water. Your immune system will become the savior of your health, protecting you from their harmful effects and helping you cope with their consequences.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a robust immune system to guard your health. You would be able to enjoy your food and water without worrying about the harmful substances in it. Your body will be able to cleanse itself of toxins and chemical pollutants more effectively. You will feel your physical and emotional well-being is restored, giving you new energy and vitality.

"Color Shield" is your chance to free yourself from the adverse effects of harmful chemicals on your body. Our course is a true journey to wellness. We work with the brain and all 27 body organs using a mathematical model of the autonomic nervous system to rid you of neurosis and remove its destructive effects on the body's immune system.

Allow yourself to gain the power and protection our impulse-color therapy course offers. Take advantage of this opportunity! Order the «Color Shield» now and let your body become strong, resilient, and protected from chemical threats. Your health deserves better protection!

Benefits and Advantages

Immerse yourself in a world of benefits that await you with the "Color Shield" impulse-color therapy course:
The course will help you get rid of neurosis, which is having a very negative effect on your life and health. You can free yourself from emotional and psychological suffering, bringing joy and harmony back into your life.
Reducing cravings for alcohol, smoking, and drugs.
"Color Shield" restores your immune system. Your body will begin to actively fight the effects of harmful chemicals around you from everywhere. They are even in the food and water.
Restore the function of the body's barrier systems. For example, the stomach acidity is normalized, and the microbiota of the intestines is restored.
Comprehensive approach: The course includes work with the brain and all 27 body organs suffering from neurosis. We provide complete coverage of all aspects of health so you can achieve maximum results.
Long-term benefits: "Color Shield" is not just a short-term solution. Our course is designed to last 6 months, allowing you to maintain a highly effective immune system against harmful chemicals in the long term.
Individualized: We take into account your individual characteristics and needs. Our therapy program is designed to adapt to your goals and provide you with the best solutions for success.
Professional support: Our team of experienced medical psychologists is here to help you every step of the way. We will support, motivate, and help you overcome obstacles to health and psychological well-being.
Our innovative impulse-color therapy will transform your life, eliminate neurosis, strengthen your immune system, and help you find harmony in life. Trust the professionals and start your journey to freedom today. Open the door to health and well-being with impulse-color therapy "Color Shield"!
Prices and packages

Invest in your health and longevity with our "Color Shield" course! Our approach to pricing is based on the individual characteristics of your body. We perform detailed testing to determine your biological rate of aging, the state of cognitive brain function, and the degree of neurotic damage. We also consider psycho-oncological risks and the morphological condition of your 27 major body organs. As a result, the cost of the course is formed based on these data to provide the most effective and personalized plan for correcting neurosis and the functional problems of the body's immune system caused by it. Course prices start at 1,500 Euros for 6 months of unique impulse-color therapy.

The price of the "Color Shield" course includes 2 control tests, 2 consultations (4 hours of expert work), and 2 program updates (as needed!). Every 2 months, we conduct a detailed analysis of your progress, assessing the results of your immune system normalization course. Based on this analysis, we recalculate your autonomic nervous system model and adjust your impulse-color therapy program based on this new data. This ensures the most accurate and effective correction appropriate for your current state of health. We include all these services in the course fee to provide you with unprecedented support and personalization on your journey to a better version of yourself.

Remember, health is an investment that always pays off! A quality life is worth it when you sign up for testing today!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a course of therapy "Color Shield"?
"Color Shield" is an individualized 6-month impulse-color therapy program designed to activate the immune system, helping it deal effectively with harmful chemicals.
How does the "Color Shield" course work?
The program is based on the use of specially selected color waves, which affect the neural connections of the brain responsible for the effective functioning of the immune system.
What is the cost of the course?
The cost of the course is determined individually for each client based on the results of preliminary testing. The cost can vary from 1,500 Euros up to 6 months of therapy.
What is included in the course fee?
The price includes 2 control tests, 2 counseling sessions, and 2 program updates for 6 months. This allows us to evaluate your progress regularly and adjust the program as needed.
What are the results of the "Color Shield" course?

Here are some of the impressive results you can achieve with this course:

  1. Getting rid of neurosis: The "Color Shield" course will help you overcome neurosis and free yourself from the emotional and psychological suffering limiting your life.
  2. Immune System Strengthening: This course will help your immune system become stronger and more resistant to harmful chemicals.
  3. Therapy restores the psycho-emotional balance, which leads to improved physical well-being.
  4. The course helps reduce cravings for alcohol, smoking, and drugs by releasing emotional discomfort.
  5. Increase self-esteem and self-confidence: Thanks to the "Color Shield" course, you can overcome negative thoughts and doubts, improve your self-esteem and gain self-confidence.
Are there any side effects?

No, the "Color Shield" course has no side effects, as it is a drug-free program to correct neurosis and stimulate human immune system functions. Instead of using the medication, we use pulses of color that work with your body harmoniously and safely, stimulating its natural mechanisms to restore mental and physical health.

How can I start a "Color Shield" course?
To start a course, you'll need to take a test. This will help us determine your need for correction and develop the most effective therapy plan based on your health status, rate of aging, and other factors. After testing, we will conduct a consultation to discuss your results and offer you a customized "Color Shield" course.
How does the testing and consultation process for creating a "Color Shield" occur?

The testing process for the "Color Shield" course is detailed and includes 4 tests, which are conducted at different times of the day: 7-9 am, 12-13 pm, 16-17 pm, and 21-22 pm. This is done to consider all the fluctuations and peculiarities of your body's work during the day. Based on these data, we build a mathematical model of your autonomic nervous system, allowing to adjust the program to your needs. The cost of testing is 300 Euros, and a consultation to discuss test results and plan your course costs 450 Euros.

Don't put your health on hold! Change your life today with the "Color Shield" course. Purchase the course now and begin your journey to physical and emotional well-being. Free yourself from neurosis, strengthen your immune system, and create the foundation for a healthy and happy life!
Sign up for testing to create a VIP course of impulse-color therapy

I would like to take a special color test and attend a consultation to create a personal VIP course of pulse color therapy. The process is thought out in detail and includes 4 tests that are conducted at different times of the day: 7-9 am, 12-13 pm, 16-17 pm, 21-22 pm. The cost of testing is 300 EUR, and a consultation to discuss the test results and plan your course costs 450 EUR.

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