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In an old play, a doctor tells a patient, "All illnesses come from nerves!" What a giant step has been made during this time in medicine and medical psychology! But in fact, turned out to be right that the doctor of the past 19th century. Many ailments come "from our nerves" or neurosis.

In medicine, neurosis - is a functional neuropsychiatric disorder caused by exposure to the stressor and psycho-traumatic factors without organic damage to the CNS (central nervous system).

The leading causes of neurosis are prolonged stressful situations or severe psychological trauma. Neurosis is a complex disease. It can mimic the symptoms of a massive list of ailments. A person, in this case, is alone with his problem. Treatment will not be effective. The illnesses will begin to return again and again. General practitioners will only treat the consequences without a proper approach, not eliminate the problem. Neurosis negatively affects the brain's essential functions, and the brain begins to send distorted control signals to one or another system or body organ. The latter, receiving the wrong "command," begin to do their job incorrectly and send a "distorted report of their work" to the brain. There is an endless vicious circle - the breakdown of the nervous regulation mechanisms- the root cause of any medical disease. Correct this regulation, and you will take the sickness away! This is the healing method our computer technology offers.

Our technology is a technology of non-contact diagnosis and drug-free recovery of human health!
The technology makes it possible to restore nerve regulation between the brain and the body organs, thereby relieving a person of emotional tension and medical symptoms.
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Modern medicine is mainly symptomatic: it focuses the doctor on suppressing the symptoms of disease in patients rather than getting rid of the causes of the disease. The person takes the medication, and his well-being improves. Still, after a few months, the condition worsens again because the nervous regulation between the brain and the diseased organ has not been corrected. This is how a person often becomes the "breadwinner" of pharmacies and flourishing pharmaceutical companies.

Although human higher nervous activity seems incredibly complex and incomprehensible in its diverse manifestations, it can be reduced to one thing - perception and processing of information. As information is incalculable stimuli that affect our senses. All the most complicated processes in the body at the level of cells, tissues, organs, and systems are also informational, i.e., they can be described using personal biological modeling. And since nervous regulation is informative, one can also correct it if it is distorted, with the help of information strictly adjusted to a specific illness (psychological condition of a person). This is what medical scientists who have been engaged in laser therapy of internal organs for many years have managed to do.

Color testing

You sign up for testing and connect to the clinical psychologist's computer via remote access software. The expert explains to you the essence of the testing and starts the diagnostic program. You must watch a 15-second video clip (natural scenery, seashore, autumn forest, etc.) and remember its color scheme. Then the picture "spoils" - suddenly becomes all orange, red, and green. You need to restore the original color scheme of the video clip. And by how far your "work" will be from the standard and in what color shade you excessively "will bring," the computer, thanks to the embedded in the program, will judge the nature and extent of a particular pathology (or the possibility of its appearance) in your body. Testing lasts about an hour. You will work with a color palette of 3 - 12 video clips during this time.

  • This is how to restore the color palette of a person who suffers from Rhinitis

    Rhinitis (runny nose) is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, which is accompanied by mucus secretion, impaired nasal breathing, decreased sense of smell, headache. It is one of the most common diseases in the world

  • For example, this is how a person who suffers from Gastritis will restore his color palette
    Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, leading to a disturbance of its function, especially secretory. When a person has gastritis, incoming food is poorly processed, which leads to impaired absorption of useful substances. About 60-85% of the world's population suffer from chronic gastritis, especially at the age 18-35
  • This is how to restore the color palette a person who suffers from Bronchitis
    Bronchitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi. The main complaint of bronchitis patients is coughing with sputum, which can be debilitating and cause discomfort both during the day and at night
  • This is how a man who suffers from Prostatitis will recover his color palette
    Prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate, is now the leader in the group of sexually transmitted diseases in men. Its complications threaten infertility, decreased libido, impotence

People with cardiovascular diseases "draw" pictures excessively yellow, and those who are overweight unnaturally black, etc. And such correlation always remains: a specific deviation from the norm in the color perception of the world is characteristic of a particular pathology. 

To identify a person's illnesses (or predisposition to them), studying how he sees, hears, and perceives smells is possible. To do this, one only needs to be able to estimate the deviation from a reference developed for a person of the same sex, age, and weight! However, evaluating visual aberrations using a computer is technically the easiest, so we have developed a technology for diagnosing and correcting neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses through distortion of color perception.

Before the computer gives a conclusion about the person's health, it creates a virtual double of the patient inside the program. To do this, the program examines the functions of the human brain - perception, imagination, associative thinking and memory, and decision-making speed. These functions, "from the brain's point of view," represent sets of signals in the form of a group of generated and stored matrices (images). Each print is unique and has specific energetic, frequency, and material characteristics of this life situation or disease. Color testing defines brain function deviation between a particular person's reference and individual norm.

Having created a virtual twin and then having examined the deviations of brain functions from the evolutionary norm of a healthy person of the same sex and age, the computer gives out a diagnosis with a quantitative expression of the probability of getting this or that ailment. So if the likelihood of the condition falls within the gradation:

  • 0 to 50%, then the organ in question is unchanged (healthy);
  • 51 to 80% - the person (i.e., his/her organ, system) is in the state and bordering between health and disease;
  • over 80% - indicates the development of a disease.

Diagnostics by the color perception method is valuable because it reveals hidden, early forms of disease development - when the disease is not yet manifesting by medical symptoms.

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Virtual treatment (impulse color therapy)

It is as simple and natural as the color diagnosis. Many drugs that fill pharmacies today treat one ailment but cause another. Often they do not correct the disturbed nerve regulation of the diseased organ but only suppress (temporarily) the painful sensations from it. The means of treatment used in our technology are as natural as Mother Nature itself - they are light and color, quantitatively and qualitatively selected by the computer depending on the nature of the patient's pathology. Visual information is used for treatment. Combining it with sound and olfactory therapy is very promising, increasing the efficiency of correcting distorted nervous regulation.

In practice, the treatment looks like this. You look attentively for 12-25 minutes at the computer screen, on which the color highlights, specially selected for the treatment of your pathology or psychological problem, alternate. The color packs' content, color scheme, and frequency of frame change are aimed at treating the diseased organ with positive visual information, i.e., at improving the nervous regulation of its vital activity by the brain. The course of treatment is from 30 to 35 days.

The technology of impulse-color therapy and diagnosis of neurosis is implemented in the form of the software "All Colors of Life". The program shows 10 indicators of fundamental emotions, 56 indicators of personality, 496 indicators of psychosomatic risks for 27 major organs of the body, in total more than 600 indicators of health. A complete picture of the impact of the psychological state on health. Do not miss the opportunity to get detailed information about your health and start living in pleasure today!

The technology is mistakenly perceived as a variant of color therapy or chromotherapy. But everything is much more complicated than that! The formed course of treatment is as if "encrypts" the information in a convenient and understandable form for the brain. The method combines color as a carrier of visual information about health and the sequence of impulses (like in laser therapy), which our brain perceives with great accuracy, transforming it into commands and algorithms for controlling the health of the human body and psyche. A verified mathematical model allows us to negotiate with neurons, communicating with them in the same language, wedging the code of "health" into the body's neuro regulation processes.

When is impulse-color therapy indicated? In all cases, except those in which patients require urgent (surgical, cardiological, etc.) care, we are talking about patients with a severe or chronic ailment. Impulse-color therapy - is not a panacea but shows promising results for correcting various diseases (including ~ cancer).

In 2002, the technology was certified and received approval from the Russian Ministry of Health as a technology for diagnosing and correcting neurosis and psychosomatic diseases.

The effectiveness of the technology for non-contact diagnosis and without medication restoration of health is 94%! You are guaranteed to improve your health and psychological state with minimal financial costs! You will notice the first positive results in 2-3 weeks of work with impulse-color therapy.
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