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The leading causes of neurosis are prolonged stressful situations or severe psychological trauma. The consequences of a stressful situation (deep psychological trauma) unfold simultaneously on three levels: the PSYCHIC - the BODY - the ORGAN of the body. Negative emotions trapped and lived for a long time begin to "traumatize" the brain in a particular area, similar to a mild stroke. The brain sends inadequate controlling information to a specific body part (organ!).

Each brain zone is connected to a particular organ or area of the body. As a result, in a specific place of the body (organs!), there is an increased (or decreased) tone of muscles and blood vessels. The blood circulation worsens, which leads, on the one hand, to poor nutrition of cells, and, on the other, to insufficient removal of products of their vital activity. And this is the beginning of physical disease!

 The cells of the brain are called neurons. The association of neurons in an "injured" area of the human brain is called a pathological determinant or "closed loop." Scientific studies have revealed clear correspondences between the type of psychological trauma, localization of the "closed loop" in the brain, and localization of a cancerous tumor in the body (the final form of psychosomatic illness). The activity of the pathological determinant gets out of control of the central nervous system. The pathological determinant is the basis for forming a new pathological functional system (PFS).

PFS is a unique set of body organs, which by their malfunctioning, provide and support the spread of malfunctioning in other body organs and take over the body's resources without any real need. This system leads to maladaptation of the whole body and the development of various diseases called "psychosomatic diseases." The pathological functional system (PFS) is modern man's leading cause of diseases.

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This is how the program will show the data about your pathological functional system and body organs that are at risk of psychosomatic affection:

In the table in the left column is a list of the organs of the personal PFS: from one to six that require treatment first. If the doctor corrects a person's direct complaints, it will only give him or her temporary relief. Neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses are not treated with pills!

Suppose the medical psychologist does not point the doctor in the right direction and correct the client's psyche with impulse-color therapy. In that case, the medication will not be effective! Pills can only suppress the patient's symptoms! You need to treat PFS (the doctor has to pick up the drugs on the PFS organs, not on your complaints!) and neurotic conflict in the patient's psyche! But if the doctor doesn't know your PFS, what pills will he prescribe you? If you don't use impulse-color therapy, how will you "erase" the neurotic conflict from deep within your psyche?

The Pathological Functional System (PFS) personalized impulse-color therapy is designed to help you become aware of yourself and your mental issues and actively participate in your healing process. With this technique, you will be able to "erase" neurotic conflict from the deepest layers of your psyche and restore the healthy functioning of your body.

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