Code of Youth: personal impulse-color therapy program to slow down biological aging

The “Code of Youth" is a unique course based on cutting-edge research in neuropsychology. This impulse-color therapy course is designed to program your brain to slow down the processes of biological aging, both physical and mental.

Take a look at the chart below to understand the aging process

Destruction of the organism of the born man occurs not by hours, days, months, or even by different years of the lived life, but cohesively, by age periods: from 1 to 10 years; from 11 to 24 years; from 25 to 38 years; from 39 to 52 years; from 53 to 66 years; from 67 to 80 years and from 81 to 94 years. This is confirmed by the same regeneration rate of the same type of lesions in each individual within a particular 10- and 14-year period. The transition from one age period to another of the organism's homeostasis is discrete, by leaps and bounds.

But what if we could influence this process? What if we had the tools and technology to actively confront the inevitability of aging?

This is where "Code of Youth" comes into play, a revolutionary impulse-color therapy program based on the autonomic nervous system model. This technology allows us to actively intervene in the aging process, slowing it down and helping us survive old age and live it to the fullest, maintaining health, energy, and mental sharpness.

Old age cannot be stopped! But you can survive old age!

The aging process (like everything else in this world) is finite. It ends after the age of 94. Consequently, we only need to keep the body in the best possible condition until this age. Further on - a person continues life without aging. Duration and quality of different life depend on the organism's state at 94. 

The optimal period to start the "Code of Youth" program is age 24-38, when the aging process has just begun, or at a mature age (38-63), when the body still has many natural resources. However, even for those aged 63-94, this impulse-color therapy program can bring tremendous benefits, helping to increase the body's natural resources and longevity.

The "Code of Youth" doesn't just slow the aging process. It gives you the tools to manage that process, helping you live an active, healthy, and fulfilling life for decades. 

Our unique course of impulse-color therapy, "Code of Youth," offers a combination of strategies that can "switch" your body's functional capacity to the mode corresponding to the age of 24-38 years.

Your personal autonomic nervous system model will help you determine your biological age, compare it to your calendar age and identify your individual aging rate. Your calendar age is your age according to your passport. Biological age reflects your actual condition, an indicator of health, and the degree of "wear and tear" of your organism.

Biological age is determined by your body's metabolic, structural, functional, regulatory, and adaptive capabilities. It is possible to judge the speed of your aging by using information about your calendar age and pathological signals, which can be determined using your personal autonomic nervous system model.

Watch a video on how you'll watch impulse-color therapy and become a better version of yourself

Then, based on this data, we can calculate the current configuration of neural connections in your brain responsible for accelerated biological aging. Using unique impulses of color waves, we "establish" a new neural configuration in your brain, slowing down biological aging processes.

With the course "Code of Youth," you can manage your aging process, ensuring a long, healthy, active life.

Benefits and Advantages

By purchasing a course of impulse - color therapy, 'Code of Youth,' you get many benefits that will significantly improve your life:
Improved perception, attention, memory, and increased mental acuity - you will react to your environment faster and more accurately.
Growth of emotional stability - you can cope with stress and negative emotions easily.
Increased mental performance - you can work and study more productively.
Improve short-term memory - you will better remember important information
Increased intellectual ability - learning new skills and knowledge will be more straightforward.
Normalize sleep, reduce the number of awakenings, improve sleep quality, and increase the rapid phase of sleep - you will feel more awake and energetic.
Reduced restriction of physical movements, normalization of movement regulation, improved control of body position in space, and increased smoothness of gait - you will feel younger and more active.
With our 'Code of Youth' course, you can keep your immune system in optimal shape. Normalizing the number of lymphocytes, the essential cells of the immune system, will allow your body to cope more effectively with disease and infection.
Improvement of the external condition of the skin. Our course increases the skin's elasticity, making it tighter and firmer by increasing the epidermis and hypodermis's thickness. Wrinkles will become less visible, and the overall tone and texture of the skin will improve. And most importantly, the effectiveness of the cosmetic products you use will increase dramatically.
One of the critical benefits of the course is the normalization of blood pressure. Stable blood pressure is a guarantee of no risk of cardiovascular diseases and a guarantee of the general well-being of the body.
Improving your hearing and reducing tinnitus can significantly improve your quality of life, making communication and listening more comfortable.
Improvement of the function of the digestive system. There is an increase in the secretion of gastric juice and free acidity and pepsin concentration in it. This contributes to a more efficient breakdown of food and better assimilation of nutrients. This will improve your well-being and overall energy, help you maintain a healthy weight, and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without feeling discomfort or anxiety.
Increasing your visual acuity will help you see the world around you better, which is especially important in this age of high technology and large amounts of visual information.
Normalizing your sense of taste and smell perception will improve your perception of food and the world around you, making every day more fulfilling and vibrant.

Other beneficial effects of the course

Feedback from our forum for clients “Code of Youth”

These are two pictures of me. You'll notice I am 10 months older but look noticeably better. I'll tell the skeptics right away. In the "before" photo, I'm wearing full makeup... and my eyelashes and lips are painted, and I have a foundation...

In the "through" photo, just a little bit of foundation and lipstick, and everything looks brighter... and it has nothing to do with makeup. It has nothing to do with lighting or anything like that, either.


All the reasons for a natural and safe method of health correction, weight loss, rejuvenation improvement, and all this without surgery, grueling diets, swallowing pills, and drinking juices. As a result, you do not need to leave home (especially if you do not want to), and with the help of IMPULSE-COLOR THERAPY, "CODE OF YOUTH."

Beautiful glowing and tightened skin, beautiful figure, good mood - this result came to me in just a few months. 

I didn't do anything supernatural. I didn't exhaust myself with diets and didn't physically burden myself......A simple diagnosis, without leaving my home, and I have been taking a remote course on IMPULSE-COLOR THERAPY on the program of slowing down biological aging for several months.

My age is 48, and my biological age is 35 (established by diagnostics!). My weight was reduced by 12 kg. I am glad of life; it is a lovely feeling, especially when you are over 40. My friends, a close result awaits each of you because this is how the technology, the color healing, works.


I will try to report back on my and my husband's results since I didn't take the Program just for myself. I wanted to start as a choir. And then compare our progress together. )))

We began to go to therapy on the 20s of March. My Program is "Code of Youth," and my husband is "Rainbow of Balanced Nutrition." I pass one session a day, and my husband too. Not all of us were so disciplined that we could be proud of it.     But nevertheless, as of today, when the first course is over, I can write the following:

About me

  1. Immediately in the first days, I felt the effects on my digestive system. I am a natural who senses subtle shifts in that area. Metabolism has improved dramatically in the last 6 months. For some reason, I attributed it to my moving to another country, different air, water, etc., and spontaneous events, just not myself. How so? I am so athletic, I run in the morning, not eat sweets (well, chocolate twice a week))), rolls with butter (I have loved it since childhood). That's all my perversions. But I forget that now I do not have such an active lifestyle, which I could boast about in Ukraine - I used to run to work like a goat, walk with the dog 2-3 times a day for an hour, no less. Now - no work from morning till night, no dog, not much movement, just jogging, there is a favorite set of exercises at home, sometimes the pool and that's all ... And so, knowing all these disadvantages of my life, I was happy to find out that in the sphere of the gastrointestinal tract, I now have order.
  1. My morale for the last year left a lot to be desired, even though my family is, in my opinion, the best already). The boys love me. I love them - without memory and strength. But once a week, having a concert on request was necessary. And what's interesting - it's OK to find an excuse without preparation!    What can I say now? It's gotten more problematic for me to find that excuse!!!!  Somehow, I love every one now! I love everybody! I want to be friends with everybody. 
  2. Besides, I began to sleep quickly and carefree somehow. Before, my conscience tormented me: "Why are you sleeping so much, 6 hours already in a row!!!!? Now I sleep for 8 hours with a good conscience! I noticed it right away! Well, just on the second day of color therapy sessions. But then, my conscience still tormented me. Now I got used to it, and in gratitude for all this, my body reciprocated by eliminating the morning bags under my eyes from my face! In the morning, I go to the mirror with a piece of ice, as usual, and there is nothing to wipe and stimulate.... pity...


Not a disciplined fighter! Doesn't have a session every day. But nevertheless... there has been significant progress. I intentionally did not weigh him now, I will do it as soon as he finishes his last session today, but I will write about other things for now.

  1. He recently "complained" to me that he sometimes catches himself walking like he's on "young legs"!!! I'm thrilled, for I know what he's talking about. He has a sedentary job and is 45 years old!
  2. I noticed that his trouser belt has moved to another hole, closer to his waist (2 cm between the holes!) - this is a perfect sign. I can't say he's as hungry in the evenings as before. Although sometimes...on tiptoe until he hears the "gong signal" from my side, he goes like a zombie toward the kitchen out of habit. "It's just mechanical," he tells me.)) Yeah, he just stopped eating in the evening. And if he does eat, he eats very little and starts sighing to me halfway through emptying his plate. It makes me happy. As of late, I offer him a slightly smaller portion. He probably doesn't notice anymore.
  3. This may seem unimportant to many people. Still, recently he told me that sometimes he suddenly realizes that the colors around him are somehow different. Everything is brighter, more cheerful, or something... It is difficult to explain this phenomenon, but it inspired me!

 Today I am finishing my husband's results - he lost more than 2 kg!

I am thrilled that I am now with you on this beautiful topic of impulse color therapy for youth! And I know that all of us will be young, healthy, and calm together, and nothing will lead us astray from this path!


Hello, my name is Elena. I am 53 years old, and I live in Italy. Like Irina, I started the "Code of Youth" course on March 23. And here are my observations during this month. 

  1. The first impression is an unusual state as if watching a movie. Three colors change one by one. I slept like a log on the first night. But the most exciting thing is that I got refreshed in the morning. I had been feeling tired for a few years now, and I was craving for sleep. I slept for 10 hours, and I could not get up in the morning, as if I had never gone to bed. I have been sleeping for 6 hours for a month now, and now I wake up cheerful and in a good mood. 
  1. During the fourth session, I felt tingling on my face as if needles were pricking. It was explained to me that it was the beginning of skin reshaping. I can not say that something has changed in my appearance, but my friends, who have not seen me for a month, have complimented me. They say I am younger and look good, but they do not know that I participate in the color therapy course "Code of Youth." 
  1. About irritability. It's gone now. I feel balanced and calm. 
  1. At the beginning of the course, I saw colors that were not saturated but some indefinite colors. About the third week, I suddenly noticed that I was seeing bright blue. Before that, it was greyish blue. The green also changed. More intense and brighter, probably the color of young grass. I'm hard on the orange. Hopefully, with the continuation of the course, things will get better.

 These are my observations for the month.


I'll tell you my results, too. They are great, although the beginning was different. Losing weight was what I thought was a pipe dream. When I saw the weight loss program, I thought it was another beautiful promise. For the first two months, nothing happened. The weight stood still, which confirmed my fears. Yes, my mood changed. I slept better, my nerves stopped acting up, too, and my appetite moderated, but my weight remained stable . And so, on the third month of the course, I got on a scale and saw minus 0,5  kg a month later, another minus 2 kg. That's it. This is the beginning of weight loss. Yay!!!


I couldn't stand it. I read the reviews here and want to leave mine, especially since I have one.  I am on a weight loss program, and at first, the volume was gone, but the weight stayed in place. But it is not bad at all. The fat is gone, which is not easy. My bones got more robust, and my muscle mass got bigger. That is why the weight was "still." Now I lost weight and volume.

 And in general, for women, the main thing is the volume…

More "Gluttony" definitely disappears by itself. I do not feel the urge to snack on unhealthy garbage. After which, the conscience is tormented, and everything is twisted again - to eat, to calm down, and so on...


I've been on the course for two and a half months. I am so happy. My weight has always been around 70 kg since I was 25. And now look Almost 63. I'm down 7 kilos, and my target weight is 60. I'll make it. Thank you very much for this technique!


Hello, dear friends! Two weeks ago, I began taking the course "Code of Youth" (the first 162 sessions). I felt little change in the first sessions, probably because my condition was thoroughly neglected. But from 6-7 sessions visible changes began to occur. Since my main problem was the nervous system (which brought down the whole body), I noticed I was not as irritable as before. Thought I imagined it. On 9-10, I stopped sweating a lot (due to hormonal background disorders).

  And just a couple of days ago - I saw that the quality of skin changes: it becomes more elastic, more elastic, not so dry. I mainly track these changes on my hands. Before, I always used hand cream. Now I do not use creams, and I was pleasantly surprised.

  The weight also began to fall. Before the course was 57 kg, now it is 55 kg. The trifle but pleasant. I expect a lot from the process because I believe in its effectiveness.


I agreed as it seemed a delirious undertaking for interest and prevention. I did not set myself any particular tasks. 

  On the whole, I have already gone through 6 months of therapy. For the first 3 months, I kept a diary so that there was a visual analysis =>.

  So, in the first sessions, it was hard to sit still, and then you get so used to having your legitimate 10-20 minutes to relax. During the first days, there seemed to be emotional aggravations (tearfulness, irritation, fears without reason, swarming thoughts, anxiety, etc.). On the 11th day, it was finally possible to achieve a meditative state, in other words, just to "switch off" for real (point 3 below)). I began to get absolute pleasure from sessions by the 2nd month.  I began to want fewer sweets! 

  I mainly started to do the sessions before going to bed, then it was easy to sleep like a baby. In the beginning, some of the colors caused a sharp adverse reaction, and then I began to like all of them (in my opinion, it too is a significant achievement in psychoemotional

 level, because scientists for a long time proved that colors play a huge role in our life). 

What have I noticed as soon as I started color therapy sessions? 

  1) my sleep has improved. I fall asleep more soundly and get up early in the morning much more effortless.

 2) there was more energy

 3) I began to treat unexpected situations and difficulties more calmly as if observing everything from aside without excessive negative emotional release 

  I think this unique (on availability, ease, safety) therapy - color therapy (by the way from Greek, this word means "care" first of all, and only then - treatment ) will be useful to everyone. 

  Especially for busy people with no time for anything else because the other practices I know require more dedication, training, and concentration - everything is more accessible here! And also, for people with complicated diagnoses and looking for an alternative treatment, focused not on the fast (as is common in official medicine, either to cut something off or to give a substitute therapy) but on an objective, albeit gradual result. 

 Of the surmountable or even non-existent disadvantages:

  1. You have to introduce a new habit, and at first, in the hustle of the day, you can forget to do the session, and regularity is needed!
  2. Some courses involve several sessions a day, which requires self-organization and negotiation with the housemates
  3. You cannot touch, feel, drink, or glue, so if challenging to believe in the result, which will, anyway
  4. Slowly, or maybe you will have faster, learn to relax this way, which at first very unusual and challenging and overpowers the eternally thinking brain

I've been watching this course for over 10 years, every day! This is how I was, and this is how I've become! It is difficult and long to explain what happens to a person in the process of working with color, especially since I use not only color correction in my work! But I can say with confidence that color correction brings order to the head and body! If you can afford it, I recommend it!

Prices and packages

Invest in your health and longevity with our 'Code of Youth' course! Our approach to pricing is based on the individual characteristics of your body. We perform detailed testing to determine your biological rate of aging, the state of cognitive brain function, and the degree of neurotic damage. We also consider psycho-oncological risks and the morphological condition of your 27 major body organs. As a result, the cost of the course is formed based on these data to provide the most effective and personalized plan for correcting neurosis and the functional problems of the body's immune system caused by it. 

Course prices start at €6,500 for 12 months of unique impulse-color therapy.

The price of the 'Code of Youth' course includes 4 control tests, 4 consultations (8 hours of expert work), and 4 program updates throughout the year. Every three months, we conduct a detailed analysis of your progress, assessing the results of your biological rejuvenation course. Based on this analysis, we recalculate your autonomic nervous system model and adjust your impulse-color therapy program based on this new data. This ensures the most accurate and effective correction appropriate for your current state of health. We include all of these services in the cost of your annual course to give you unprecedented support and personalization on your path to longevity.

Remember, health is an investment that always pays off! Longevity and quality of life are worth signing up for testing today.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the "Code of Youth" course?
"Code of Youth" is an individualized annual impulse-color therapy program designed to slow biological aging and maintain optimal health.
How does the "Code of Youth" course work?
The program is based on specially selected color waves, which affect the brain's neural connections responsible for the aging process. This allows you to slow down the rate of biological aging and keep your body healthy.
What is the cost of the "Code of Youth" course?
The cost of the course is determined individually for each client based on the results of preliminary testing. The cost can vary from 6,500 Euros and more for 12 months of therapy.
What is included in the course fee?
The price includes 4 color tests, 4 counseling sessions, and 4 yearly program updates. This allows us to evaluate your progress regularly and adjust the program as needed.
What are the results of the “Code of Youth” course?
The results of the course may vary, but in general, most clients notice improved overall health, increased energy, better skin, vision, hearing, and other sensory organs, and normalization of blood pressure and digestive system functions.
Are there any side effects?
No, the "Code of Youth" course has no side effects, as it is a drug-free program to slow down aging. Instead of a medication, we use pulses of color that work harmoniously and safely with your body, stimulating its natural repair and rejuvenation mechanisms.
How can I start the “Code of Youth” course?
To start a course, you'll need to take a pre-test. This will help us determine your need for correction and develop the most effective therapy plan based on your health status, rate of aging, and other factors. After testing, we will hold a consultation to discuss your results and offer you a personalized "Code of Youth" course.
How does the testing and counseling process for creating the “Code of Youth” occur?

The testing process for the "Youth Code" course is detailed and includes 4 tests, which are conducted at different times of the day: 7-9am, 12-13pm, 16-17pm, and 21-22pm. This is done to consider all the fluctuations and peculiarities of your body's work during the day. Based on these data, we build a mathematical model of your autonomic nervous system, which allows to adjust the program to your individual needs. The cost of testing is 300 Euros, and a consultation to discuss test results and plan your course costs 450 Euros.

Don't wait until age takes complete control of your life! Start your journey to health and youthfulness now. Click on the “Code of Youth " button and discover a scientific program to help slow biological aging and improve your quality of life. Today is the best time to start a new life!
Sign up for testing to create a VIP course of impulse-color therapy

I would like to take a special color test and attend a consultation to create a personal VIP course of pulse color therapy. The process is thought out in detail and includes 4 tests that are conducted at different times of the day: 7-9 am, 12-13 pm, 16-17 pm, 21-22 pm. The cost of testing is 300 EUR, and a consultation to discuss the test results and plan your course costs 450 EUR.

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