Restore harmony of body and soul with a course of impulse-color therapy

A convenient and effective way to eliminate neurosis and psychosomatic diseases!
Neurosis and psychosomatic diseases "break" color perception! Impulse-color therapy (ICT) is an innovative drug-free treatment that uses impulses of color to stimulate specific areas of the brain, resulting in the restoration of color perception and improvement of physical and emotional health. Restoring color perception is the cure for neurosis and psychosomatic illness!

A personal course of impulse-color therapy is an individual video file with a unique set of color highlights recorded in it.

The patient does not need to visit the therapist. He watches the video file on his laptop, tablet, or phone twice daily (morning and evening) for 15-20 minutes. In the 3rd week of work with impulse-color therapy, the patient will notice profound positive changes in his well-being.
Price of primary therapy:
130 EUR90 EUR*

The course of impulse-color therapy can be bought with a discount of 40 EUR in packages 144 234 394 only after decoding the results of your color test.

A course of impulse-color therapy is created for a concrete person! There is no ready-made course. It's not a pill in a drugstore - one for everyone!

The psychologist will recommend the most important courses for the client at the consultation or in the PDF transcript.

* The price is indicative and subject to change. The discount can be reduced or canceled at any time.

Example of a color correction course

The rules of impulse-color therapy

  • A course of impulse-color therapy consists of sessions.
  • The duration of a session is calculated individually and usually ranges from 15 to 25 minutes.
  • A session is "taken" 1-3 times a day. Choosing a convenient time during which you will not be disturbed by anyone is necessary.
  • The screen should not be in front of a light source (window, lamp), which creates glare and hinders the perception of the transmitted image.
  • Make yourself comfortable in front of the screen. The distance to the screen should be at most 2 meters. Your posture and body position is not necessary.
  • Start the correction session. Just run the video clip in the video player.
  • An image will appear on the screen in pulsating color - this is the information being transmitted.
  • You need to look at the screen - this is the essence of the treatment.


  • It is desirable to go through the whole course without breaks lasting more than 3 days and with the number of sessions before the break not less than 5;
  • During the sessions, it is possible to include tranquil background music, meditative and suggestive audio courses on similar topics;
  • Stretching, light movement, and drinking water during the session are permitted.
  • Watching courses of impulse-color therapy created for other people is strictly forbidden.
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Regular viewing of impulse-color therapy has the following effects:
  • "Erases" the effects of lingering resentment

    Forget about hidden grudges and free yourself from negativity with personalized impulse-color therapy. The impulse-color correction method will help you to express negative emotions, forgive past hurts, and free yourself from the stress of those feelings. You will change your relationship to past events and gain a new sense of freedom to manage your life how you want. You will stop being a victim of your resentments, channel your life energy into constructive solutions, improve your quality of life, and strengthen your ability to fight neurosis!

  • Stimulates the desire to live

    Have you ever wondered why some people recover more easily and quickly while others cannot beat their illnesses? The secret is that those who recover faster have a Will to Live! Feeling like you've lost interest in life can lead to serious health problems, including cancer. We offer personalized impulse-color therapy to restore the "taste of life" and strengthen your immune system. Our method will help you work through your inner barriers and restore your joy in life. The best cure for cancer is a happy life. Try our method and feel how your mental mechanisms begin to work for the benefit of your health!

  • Negotiating health with the unconscious
    Have you ever wondered how the psyche affects the body? Our emotions, thoughts, and memories significantly impact our health and well-being. Scientists have suggested that neurotic patients become disconnected from unconscious resources, leading to various illnesses. This is why it is essential to connect with the unconscious to avoid the harmful effects of the psyche on the body. Personal impulse-color therapy is an innovative method that allows you to reconnect with your unconscious and transform the "blocked" psychic energy into the vital energy needed to live a whole life.
  • Relaxation
    Suppose you are looking for a way to enhance your body's natural ability to heal itself. In that case, impulse-color therapy may be the perfect solution for you. With a personalized set of colors, you can calm down without using pills! When you return to a calm state, your immune system will begin to activate, and your body will have the energy it needs to heal itself. Impulse-color therapy is a natural relaxant to help you achieve the inner harmony and balance you need to regain your health!

Advantages of impulse-color therapy

Improved emotional state. 

An improved emotional state means a good mood, improving overall well-being and productivity.

Anxiety reduction.

Anxiety reduction helps to improve psychological well-being, reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and increase personal effectiveness in all areas of life.

Elimination of fears.

Eliminating conscious and unconscious fears improves the quality of life, increases self-confidence, and improves interpersonal relationships. It leads to greater self-actualization, increased motivation, and better results in life.

Correction of underlying negative experiences.

Removing deep-rooted negative experiences allows the mind and soul to be free of negativity, which helps to improve the overall psychological state and increase life's optimism.

Reducing stress levels will lead to better overall health, improved mood, better sleep, increased productivity, and reduced risk of many stress-related illnesses, such as hypertension and depression, and a host of other diseases.

"Smoothing out" negative character traits. With the help of impulse-color therapy, it is possible to smooth out negative character traits such as aggression, irritability, and mistrust, which will help to improve relations with others and increase a person's self-esteem.

You will regain your inner equilibrium! Balance of mind is when one feels harmony and balance in one's life.

Regular viewing of the impulse-color therapy includes additional self-regulation resources. The body begins to heal itself, which is manifested by a reduction or disappearance of symptoms of neurosis and psychosomatic diseases, as well as many general effects:

Improved performance capacity.

Improved performance is one of the main benefits of an improved emotional state. When one feels good, one concentrates better on tasks, makes more rational decisions, and acts more effectively. This leads to increased productivity, better quality work, higher income and career growth, and happy, loving relationships.

Increased Sexual Attractiveness.

Increased sexual attractiveness leads to improved self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as increased attractiveness in the eyes of others, which contributes to a better quality of personal life and relationships with all people.

Increased fertility.

Increased fertility can lead to an increased chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby, which is the primary goal of many couples. Also, increased fertility means increased levels of hormones such as estrogens and testosterone, significantly improving overall well-being, energy, and mood in men and women.

Sleep Normalization:

  • Strengthens the immune system, improves heart function, and reduces the risk of disease;
  • Increases concentration, improves memory and creativity, which increases productivity;
  • Reduces stress levels, improves mood, and reduces the risk of depression;
  • Helps improve overall health and quality of life.

Intelligence Enhancement:

  • Improves cognitive abilities and the ability to solve complex problems;
  • Increases productivity in work and goal attainment;
  • increases opportunities for career and personal growth;
  • Improves communication and the ability to express thoughts and ideas;
  • Improves quality of life and allows you to better understand the world around you.

Improved memory:

  • Good memory makes it faster and easier to remember new information;
  • Good memory helps to improve performance and recall information more quickly and accurately;
  • Good memory helps a person feel more confident and convincing when he or she can recall information quickly and accurately;
  • Good memory helps to vividly remember essential moments in life, improving emotional state and mood.

Strengthening intuition:

  • Strong intuition helps you make more accurate and successful decisions in a variety of situations;
  • Strong intuition facilitates the emergence of new ideas and thoughts, which is helpful for people working in creative professions;
  • Intuitive people better understand the emotions and intentions of others, which helps in more effective communication;
  • Strong intuition helps to understand one's own feelings and needs as well as the feelings and needs of others, which contributes to more profound and better personal relationships;
  • Strong intuition helps one make better decisions and more successfully achieve one's goals, contributing to greater life satisfaction.

Impulse-color therapy is one of the methods that help to slow down the processes of biological aging and improve the quality of life. Slowing down the processes of biological aging is about reducing the rate of aging of cells and tissues in the body. It brings the following benefits:

Maintaining physical fitness

slowing down aging is good physical fitness at any age

Reduced risk of age-related diseases
slowing down aging helps reduce the risk of age-related diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cancer
Improved mental health
slowing down aging improves mental health, and significantly reduces the risk of mental disorders
Reduced risk of disability
slowing down aging reduces the risk of disability in old age by 60%
Want to improve your life and become a healthy and happy person? Impulse-color therapy is exactly what you need!
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