Invest in the future of medical psychology: a unique online service for the diagnosis and correction of neurosis and psychosomatic diseases are looking for an investor-partner!

You have a unique opportunity to become an investor-managing partner in a promising project that changes people's lives and can generate significant profits. We are looking for an investment of 5 million Euros to develop our online service, which specializes in diagnosing and correcting neurosis and psychosomatic diseases.

We use advanced technology to help people overcome neurotic conditions and achieve mental and physical health. Our online service provides accurate diagnosis and effective correction, allowing people to return to a fulfilling life.

What makes this opportunity especially attractive?
An investment of 5 million Euros can bring you a potential return of 9,5 to 44,5 million Euros in the first 10 years of the project development. The ROI of the project ranges from 95% to 935%!

We are ready to provide complete information about our business plan, development strategy, and expected results. We are looking for a partner who shares our passion for psycho-health technologies and is ready to contribute to this unique project.

Contact us today to discuss the details and begin the journey to a successful partnership. Together we can help millions of people and reach new financial heights!

Sincerely yours, Todor Milykh

Master in Clinical Psychology, Project Organizer

Project geography

The project is focused on the global market, but in the first 10 years will be implemented in the countries of TIER 1:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

The TIER 1 countries represent an ideal location for project development for several reasons:

The Large Market for Mental Health Services
These countries have a large and growing market for mental health services. This market is valued at more than $200 billion in the U.S. alone.
High levels of stress and mental disorders
High levels of stress and mental disorders are found in these countries. For example, in the U.S., according to the American Society for the Study of Stress, about 77% of the population regularly experiences physical symptoms caused by stress, and 73% experience psychological symptoms.
Openness to New Approaches
In TIER 1 countries, people tend to be more open to new approaches and technologies in health care, including mental health. This creates a favorable environment for the introduction of our product.
Large pool of potential users
Because of the high level of emotional and mental health problems, there is a large pool of potential users who can benefit from our services.
Strong Economies
These countries have strong and stable economies, providing a stable business climate.
High Income
TIER 1 countries have a high average income per capita, which means consumers can afford to pay for high-quality goods and services.
Well-developed infrastructure
They have a well-developed infrastructure, including technological infrastructure, which facilitates the development and adoption of new technologies.
Broad market coverage
TIER 1 countries provide access to many potential users. Moreover, successful launches in these countries often lead to expansion into other markets.
For these reasons, deployment in TIER 1 countries is a strategic choice that can contribute significantly to its success and long-term sustainability.
Neurosis and its impact on social safety

Neurosis is a global social problem of post-industrial society! The statistics are impressive: the number of patients with neuroses has increased 24-fold in the last 65 years! Today about 70% of patients in clinics and hospitals suffer from neuroses. Research data show that neurotic disorders often occur in men and women over 30. And interestingly, neurotic disorders in women are usually more severe than in men.

Let's turn to the facts to better understand the scope of the problem. In Europe, more than 100 million people experience anxiety and depression, and more than 21 million suffer from alcohol-related disorders. Mental disorders also include Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, and panic disorders, affecting millions of people.

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders affect the quality of life and cause significant economic losses. In 2020, $238 billion was spent on treatment for depressive disorders alone!

Psychosomatics is an area where mental disorders are intertwined with physical illnesses. More than 40% of all chronic illnesses are related to mental factors. Not surprisingly, mental health problems cause up to 45% of absenteeism in many countries worldwide. This harms productivity and the economy.

As an investor, you can contribute meaningfully to the fight against neurosis and psychosomatic illness.

We use innovative technology to help patients diagnose and understand the source of their problems. Our approach is based on non-contact diagnosis and drug-free treatment, making it safe and effective.

Neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses have a profound impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. Together, we can provide them with innovative and effective tools for diagnosis and treatment. By investing in our project, you will reap financial benefits and make a meaningful contribution to the public good. Join us and become part of this vital mission!
Target audience
In general, our project aims at people looking for support and solutions to improve their emotional, mental, and physical health and are ready to actively participate in its restoration process. These are people suffering from neurosis manifested by symptoms like these:

Our project's target audience (TA) is people suffering from various symptoms associated with neurosis. This includes:

  1. People who regularly experience headaches and feel heaviness in the head may describe their condition as a "cloudy head."
  2. People who often feel wrecked, especially after sleeping, and who may have trouble sleeping. This may manifest as long periods of falling asleep, frequent awakenings, and shallow sleep that does not bring a sense of rest.
  3. People who experience increased fatigue, decreased ability to work, a general loss of energy, and poor well-being.
  4. People are hypersensitive to external stimuli such as light and sound.
  5. People with appetite disorders and sexual dysfunctions, including frigidity, decreased libido, and premature ejaculation in men.

The target audience (TA) of our project includes people suffering from a wide range of emotional and psychological symptoms:

  1. People experiencing mood swings and irritability, often with bad moods for no apparent reason.
  2. People struggling with intrusive thoughts, often doubting themselves and their actions.
  3. People suffering from various phobias, including fear of heights, open spaces, crowds, sudden death, etc.
  4. People who often experience a sense of inner tension and foreboding.
  5. People often feel socially inadequate, unattractive, or inferior compared to others.
  6. People who avoid social or professional interactions because of fear of criticism, disapproval, or neglect.
  7. People who are prone to depressive reactions, fears, and obsessive fears and who often relive depressive memories or are pessimistic about the future.
  8. People who often experience violent emotional outbursts followed by exhaustion and often attribute various illnesses to themselves without significant justification.
  9. People who are easily moved to tears and are    highly emotional.

The target audience (TA) of the project also includes the following groups of people:

  1. People suffering from speech problems such as stuttering and other signs of autonomic nervous system disorders, including sweaty palms.
  2. People who experience muscle tension and muscle pain, as well as muscle tremors, paresthesias, and twitching in their sleep.
  3. People who have coordination problems, such as unsteadiness when walking.
  4. People with neurotic cardiovascular dysfunction, which may include heart pain, arterial hypertension or hypotension, heart rhythm disturbances, and other similar symptoms.
  5. People who suffer from breathing disorders, including feeling short of breath, feeling a coma in the throat, hiccups, and fear of suffocation.
  6. People with digestive problems such as dry mouth, nausea, decreased appetite, vomiting, flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation and other dyspeptic phenomena.
  7. People experiencing problems with the genitourinary system, including cystalgia, pollakiuria, genital itching or pain, and enuresis.
  8. People suffering from thermoregulatory problems such as intermittent chills, hyperhidrosis, elevated body temperature, and dermatological problems including skin rashes, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis.
  9. People suffering from cognitive disorders such as forgetfulness, impaired ability to remember, inattention, concentration problems, and narrowing of consciousness.
Number of target audience, SOM project

The market analysis clearly shows a significant demand for an online service and a mobile app for diagnosing and treating neurosis and psychosomatic diseases. At the same time, there is still little competition in this area, which creates excellent opportunities for development and success.

The target audience of our service is an impressive 1679 million people. This is a massive market of potential users looking for solutions to their problems. Of those, 168 million seek the right tools and methods to combat neurosis. Even more importantly, 101 million are a paying audience ready to pay for quality and effective solutions.

That's why your investment in our project has enormous potential for financial success. You will get access to a broad and large audience, ready to use and pay for our service. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in an innovative field that offers solutions to the growing problem of neurosis and psychosomatic diseases.

One of the critical goals of the project is to raise awareness of the problem of neurosis and its impact on everyone's lives among the general public. We will strive to increase the target audience from 26 million people to an impressive 1,679 million.
This significant increase in user numbers is possible because the problem of neurosis is prevalent worldwide, and many people suffer from this condition without receiving the help they need. Your investment in the project represents enormous financial and research potential. With your funds, we can scale our activities, conduct awareness campaigns, develop new tools and techniques, and expand our geographic reach. With your support, we can achieve our goals and benefit millions of needy people!
We aim to achieve the highest possible market size (SOM) of $20 billion.

Investing in our project will allow us to realize our potential, expand our client base and achieve significant financial and strategic growth.

Join us as an investor and become part of this promising project that will generate profits and make an essential contribution to the health and well-being of millions of people suffering from neurosis.

Mathematical model of the autonomic nervous system - the technological basis of the project

Your contribution to our project not only paves the way for innovative technology but also contributes to a breakthrough in the medical world that could dramatically change approaches to diagnosing and treating neuroses and psychosomatic diseases. Imagine being able to diagnose and predict diseases such as neuroses, psychosomatic diseases, and even cancer risks simply by analyzing a person's color perception. This is not a fantasy. It's a reality that we strive to embody in our project.

The project involves the creation of a unique Internet service for diagnosing neurosis and psychosomatic illnesses with the help of a personal model of color perception of a person (mathematical model of the human vegetative nervous system).

Color perception is a biophysical indicator of health!

Color is a feature of the eye's perception of different waves of light, which after perception by the eye and human brain, are converted into color sensations. Scientists have found that people suffering from neurosis or psychosomatic illness and healthy people perceive the color palette differently.

  • This is how to restore the color palette of a person who suffers from Rhinitis

    Rhinitis (runny nose) is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, which is accompanied by mucus secretion, impaired nasal breathing, decreased sense of smell, headache. It is one of the most common diseases in the world

  • For example, this is how a person who suffers from Gastritis will restore his color palette
    Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, leading to a disturbance of its function, especially secretory. When a person has gastritis, incoming food is poorly processed, which leads to impaired absorption of useful substances. About 60-85% of the world's population suffer from chronic gastritis, especially at the age 18-35
  • This is how to restore the color palette a person who suffers from Bronchitis
    Bronchitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi. The main complaint of bronchitis patients is coughing with sputum, which can be debilitating and cause discomfort both during the day and at night
  • This is how a man who suffers from Prostatitis will recover his color palette
    Prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate, is now the leader in the group of sexually transmitted diseases in men. Its complications threaten infertility, decreased libido, impotence

This unique and original approach promises to overturn existing approaches to diagnosing and treating neuroses and psychosomatic diseases. The color perception model provides information about more than 600 human mental and physical health parameters, including aging rate and cancer risks, and allows for drug-free correction of neurosis and psychosomatic diseases.

In addition, our technology meets the goals of the European Commission's “Human Brain” Project, which offers a new generation of cognitive diagnostic technology. We aim to create a medical technology capable of providing a comprehensive examination of a patient's health, including an assessment of all major organs, their functionality, and the ability to determine the genetic and phenotypic components of the most common pathologies.

The advantage of our service is its accessibility and ease of use: anyone, even a 4-year-old child, can be tested by watching video clips of natural landscapes and restoring the color palette from memory to its original state.

Your investment will be crucial in enabling us to realize our vision and make this revolutionary project a reality.

It is also worth considering that the market for telemedicine and remote diagnostics continues to grow, overcoming obstacles related to the COVID-19 pandemic and changing views on traditional approaches to medical care. Our project is ideally suited to such a rapidly evolving market, with the potential for additional scalability and globalization.

Investing in our project offers the opportunity to get a good return on investment and make a meaningful contribution to public health by supporting a project that promises to improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.

Join us in paving the way for a future of medicine where diagnosis and treatment become more accurate, personalized, and accessible to all. Invest in our project and be part of a healthy lifestyle revolution that will improve the lives of millions of people!

Amount of funding

To implement the project, it is necessary to provide EURO 5 000 000 financing. Financing is planned at the expense of the investor's share in the project in the amount of 49%.

Your funding will be vital in realizing our project, which focuses on helping people with various psychological and somatic problems. We believe in the potential of our project. It will significantly benefit our target audience and ultimately provide a high return on your investment.

The funding will allow the following:
  • To establish a joint-stock company in Bulgaria (Sofia). Opening a project office in Bulgaria is an attractive business opportunity for the following reasons:

    • Low operating costs: Bulgaria has some of the lowest operating costs in the European Union. This includes the cost of rent, services, and labor. Efficient cost management can help our project maximize profit and growth.
    • Advantageous tax system: Bulgaria offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe - only 10%. This can significantly reduce the tax burden on our project and increase its financial sustainability.
    • Low Shareholder Income Tax: Bulgaria also has a shareholder income tax of only 5%, which makes the country attractive to investors and project participants who expect to receive dividends.
    • Stable Economy and EU Membership: Bulgaria is a stable economy with full integration into the European Union, which provides access to the single European market and protects businesses from many political and economic risks.
  • Program Telegram Chabot for clients to view the results of color test transcripts, receive impulse-color therapy courses, keep a therapy diary, communicate with psychologists, and receive various marketing information;
  • Complete the programming of the desktop application for the interpretation of color test results and to localize it into the working languages of the TIER 1 countries;
  • Translate the interpreters of the desktop application for decoding the results of color testing into the working languages of the TIER 1 countries;
  • Create a Data Processing Center (DPC) for decoding color tests;
  • Create a website, FB/IG/Twitter/YouTube pages in working languages of TIER 1 countries;
  • Create content for social media in working languages of TIER 1 countries;
  • Create marketing and advertising strategies for the business;
  • Create an SEO strategy to promote the site;
  • Form a team of employees and service psychologists;
  • Create a training course for psychologists wishing to become partners of the service;
  • Create an online health school for ordinary people, from whom the permanent client base of the service will be formed;
  • Purchase the necessary number of color testing stations;
  • Start all business processes and start making a profit!

Your investment will improve the quality of life for many people while creating the potential for significant financial returns. We invite you to be a part of our mission, and together we can achieve impressive results. If you have any questions or require additional information, we are always available to discuss it with you.

Project organizer

My name is Todor Milykh. I am not just a clinical psychologist but also a biohacker-practitioner and a former therapist. My portfolio includes more than ten years of experience in psychological counseling, specializing in neurosis and psychosomatics.

I focus on assessing and managing the personal risks of developing neurotic and psychosomatic pathology, which I believe is one of the critical issues in modern society. This is work that I deeply value and have devoted my entire career to.

One of my main interests is marriage counseling. Successful relationships are essential to everyone's physical and psychological health. I enjoy helping people evaluate candidates for married life not only from an emotional and sexual perspective but also from a medical and psychological perspective!

My approach to health and wellness is integrative and unique. I practice therapeutic fasting and food pause techniques, powerful tools for combating psychosomatic illnesses. In addition, I have been practicing meditation and qigong for over 15 years, two skills I consider essential to mental health. I am also a proponent of an active lifestyle and exercise regularly, including gym and cardio workouts.

I have been using impulse-color therapy regularly for the past 16 years. This tool significantly impacts the balance of emotions and clarity of thought and provides energy for a fulfilling life. I have witnessed its effectiveness and want to share this technology with those looking for solutions to their psycho-emotional problems.

My experience and approach to health and well-being are valuable assets for the project we discuss today. Your support will help me expand my impact and help more people lead healthier and happier lives. I believe in the importance of this mission, and I am confident that together we can make significant progress. Thank you for taking the time to review my proposal, and I look forward to a productive partnership!

Project investor

The ideal investor is an organization or individual who appreciates the importance of long-term investment in projects that improve people's mental and physical health. They see the potential in innovative solutions and are willing to invest in technology that promises to transform the industry.

They have a professional team of marketers capable of providing full-service product creation and launch. This includes everything from online marketing and search advertising to target audience analysis and product packaging.

The ideal investor is also willing to be personally involved in the project (marketing and sales operations), try out the product, and immerse themselves in its capabilities. They understand the project's social significance, see its implementation's benefits, and know how to monetize them.

This investor understands the risks of the project, particularly the complexity of building a new social culture around the understanding and perception of neuroses. They understand the project will be a flagship in shaping a new global niche in the online psychology market.

They are adequately funded to support the project over the long term, realizing that successful innovation in the highly competitive healthcare sector requires constant investment: the project's financial model takes into account major market trends but is not an absolutely accurate tool that allows accurate forecasting of project costs in a rapidly changing market environment. In addition, we cannot know the exact price of attracting a customer; the price in the model is based on a price analysis of current search queries on the project topic. Therefore, the investor should have additional financing if market conditions require it.

Finally, our ideal investor has a successful track record of creating and developing Internet services in this or a similar field. They are ambitious, persistent, and responsible, have a realistic approach to life, and are ready for continuous personal development. They are honest and dedicated, have emotional strength and love for people, and are ready to be part of the online clinical psychology revolution.

If you value innovation and see the importance of long-term mental and physical health investment, our project is for you! We are on the cusp of a revolution in medical psychology, and we invite you to be a part of it. Join us and become a driving force in realizing this meaningful social mission!

Investor's income and net profit (pessimistic scenario)
Even in a pessimistic scenario, our project promises to show sustained profitability and significant growth potential. Let's assume that only a tiny percentage of the population in TIER 1 countries will use our service, which is much lower than expected based on current statistics about people suffering from emotional and mental problems. Even with this conservative approach, we expect to see a steady flow of revenue and an increasing customer base.
Low operating costs in Bulgaria and the low corporate tax will help minimize our expenses and increase our profits. This will maintain our financial sustainability even if revenues are lower than expected. In addition, our innovative platform and unique services will allow us to stand out in the market and attract more clients, even in a highly competitive environment. Overall, even in a pessimistic scenario, our project promises to be sustainable and profitable, with great potential for future growth.
Investor's income and net profit (optimistic scenario)
Under the optimistic scenario, our project could become a breakthrough in psychological consulting in the neurosis and psychosomatic niche. Based on population data from TIER 1 countries and the prevalence of emotional and mental problems, we expect the percentage of people using our services to be significantly higher than in the pessimistic scenario. This will provide us with a stable and growing revenue stream.
Given Bulgaria's low operating costs and taxes, we can invest more in expanding our business, improving our product, and attracting new customers. This will help us expand our operations faster and increase our profits. In an optimistic scenario, our project promises to be a highly successful and profitable enterprise, opening new horizons in medical psychology.
Any other questions?
Write to me and I will answer your question!
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