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The basis of neurosis is an internal conflict of unfulfilled needs that arises because of certain circumstances, and this conflict creates a feeling of stress and later leads to the symptoms of neurosis.

A classic example. Your partner no longer suits you (there was cheating and betrayal, and his behavior in the relationship has become unacceptable). But you do not leave him (her). Because leaving your partner gives birth to new and huge problems for you (I have children, now I need to find someone new, I do not have a job, I need to divide property, and other fears). The decision to accept and forgive your partner is not made. The decision to leave my partner isn't made either. Outwardly there is no stress, but every contact with your partner (the most ordinary and domestic) fuels your inner tension, even if you don't realize it! There is the development of neurosis, which is always accompanied by the experience of negative emotions!

Find out what your subconscious is hiding from you: decipher the 10 basic emotions with color testing! Evaluate your hidden feelings and discover new sides of your personality. Primary emotions are what we all have in common, and you can find out which ones are most pronounced, which make you a strong person, and which ones create problems. Joy, sadness, Rage, love, shame, and other emotions are essential to our lives. Get a deciphering of your results and an understanding of yourself better than ever before. Wait to put off your personal development until tomorrow - sign up for our color test today!

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The Personal Color Model is an innovative approach to measuring and understanding emotions. How often do we feel confused trying to understand our feelings and how they affect our health? But now, we can measure our emotions using color cues and understand their impact on mood and overall health. The measurement of emotion occurs in conditional signals-the red and blue column emotion signals. If the number of "red" and "blue" signals is approximately equal (the difference does not exceed 15%), then it is a harmonious emotion or an emotion that is not harmful to one's psyche and health. It's not just a set of numerical values-it's a tool for understanding ourselves and improving our lives.

This is how the program will see your 10 fundamental emotions.

For example, if "Rage" is labeled "red finger," you are likely to experience this emotion frequently, which can be harmful to you (your relationships) and the people around you. But with the help of a personal color model, you can understand how to manage your Rage and achieve a more harmonious relationship.

And if "Fear" is labeled "blue finger," it indicates that you don't have a destructive fear that keeps you from living life to the fullest. You are not afraid to connect with people and build relationships, which allows you to enjoy life more.

Emotion Indicators:
The “Rage” Indicator

The “Rage” Indicator is a unique tool for managing your emotions. With it, you can quickly and accurately determine your level of Rage and find ways to control it. The Rage Indicator is based on the most advanced scientific developments in psychology and neurobiology. It allows you to quickly assess your level of Rage. It provides personalized recommendations on how to manage this emotional state. Using the "Rage" indicator will give you the following benefits:

  • Greater accuracy - you will be able to quickly and accurately determine your level of Rage, allowing you to avoid unpleasant situations and conflicts.
  • Improved relationships - knowing and managing your Rage will allow you to improve your relationships with people around you, making them more harmonious and productive.
  • Improving Mental Health - Rage can cause many problems, including aggressive behavior, anxiety, and depression. Working with impulse-color correction reduces Rage and will help improve your mental health and overall quality of life.

Saving time and effort - the indicator provides personalized recommendations for managing Rage, allowing you to reduce the time and effort you spend dealing with this emotion.

Using the “Rage” Indicator is an opportunity to become more emotionally intelligent and efficient. Order your “Rage” Indicator calculation now and begin the journey to a happier and more harmonious life!

The “Guilt” Indicator

The “Guilt” Indicator. Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Then don't ignore your guilt. It can be an unpleasant but healthy signal telling you you can become a better person. The “Guilt” Indicator can help you understand where you went wrong and how you can fix it. With our indicator, you can see your actions in a new light, realize their consequences, and accept responsibility for them. By experiencing guilt, you can recognize your mistakes and not repeat them in the future. It will help you improve the quality of your relationships, be more effective at work and achieve success in life. The “Guilt” Indicator is a self-development tool to help you become a better person and achieve your goals. Don't be afraid to feel guilt. Use it as a stimulus to develop. Get our indicator, find out what its value says in your case, and start the journey to a better version of yourself today!

The “Woe” Indicator

The “Woe” Indicator. Have you ever felt your heart tear up after you lost something or someone who meant a lot to you? If so, you are familiar with the emotion of Woe. Woe can consume you entirely, but there is a way to overcome it. Our “Woe” Indicator will help you understand and free yourself from this emotion. It is based on scientific research and will identify precisely what is happening inside you. Our indicator will help you find ways to cope with loss and move forward. Don't remain trapped by your feelings. Trust our professionalism and personalized recommendations based on the “Woe” Indicator, and start healing your heart today.

The “Sadness” Indicator

The “Sadness” Indicator. Life is not always easy and unclouded, and we always face problems and challenges. Sometimes we don't get what we expect, which can cause sadness and frustration. But that's no reason to give up and despair! The “Sadness” indicator will help you recognize and learn to deal with these feelings. With a “Sadness” indicator, you can understand how intense your sadness and dissatisfaction are and how they affect your health. In addition, the indicator will help you find ways to deal with problems and move forward with your goals step by step. You will learn how to express your feelings and emotions, find support and help from loved ones, and find your inner resources to overcome sadness. Don't let unhappiness and dissatisfaction rule your life! Use the “Sadness” Indicator to learn how to deal with this emotion and move toward your goals and dreams. Your life can be filled with joy and contentment, and the “Sadness” indicator will help you achieve that!

The “Love” Indicator

The “Love” Indicator is not only a tool that allows you to understand if there is love in your life, but it is also the key to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships with people. It is the relationship that gives us the fullness of life. It gives us strength and inspiration to overcome any difficulties. Using this indicator, you can determine if you are ready to open your heart to love and, if so, what steps you need to take to find your destiny. Trust your intuition and open your heart to true love. Order a “Love” Indicator calculation and get a unique tool to deeply understand your relationship. Our team of professionals will help you know the calculation results and offer advice on the next steps. Don't postpone your happiness for tomorrow. Act right now and get answers to your questions!

The "Contempt" indicator

The "Contempt" indicator will help you understand your emotions and attitudes towards others. This negative emotion can mask negative feelings about yourself and be a sign of personal destruction. But with the help of our indicator, you can better understand yourself and your relationships and begin to work on overcoming this negative personality trait. A persistent tendency to believe that those around you do not meet some high standard can be caused not only by a temporary affect but can become a permanent personality trait. But don't despair! Using our indicator, you can determine how susceptible you are to this emotion and start working on becoming more tolerant and open to the people around you. Don't let feelings of contempt rule your life. Order our indicator today!

The “Joy” Indicator

The “Joy” Indicator is a tool to help you assess how much joy you feel in life. Joy is a necessary part of everyone's life. However, there are often times when joy disappears, and only sadness and sadness remain. Using the “Joy” Indicator, you can see if there is enough joy in your life and, if not, what steps you need to take to experience more joy. The “Joy” Indicator will help you understand what factors influence your mood and how willing you are to accept positive changes in your life. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience joy daily - order the "Joy" indicator calculation right now!

The “Fear” Indicator

The “Fear” Indicator. Do you want to know if you have an inner fear that prevents you from living your life to the fullest? The “Fear” Indicator will help you determine the level of subconscious fear and teach you how to cope. Fear can hinder our success and limit our opportunities, so learning how to manage it is essential. Use the “Fear” indicator to discover your potential limitations and begin to live a life without fear or anxiety. Don't let fear control your life. Find out your level of fear and start living life to the fullest right now!

The “Shame” Indicator

The “Shame” Indicator. Do you ever feel like you'd rather hide something about yourself from those around you? It could be anything from a past failure to an unexpected desire never said out loud. At such moments, you may experience intense shame, which not only affects your emotional well-being but can also affect your health. Shame is a moral and social emotion that causes people to hide or deny their transgressions. But unfortunately, shame can also lead to depression, rage and aggression, health problems, and even narcissism. But not everyone is ashamed in the same way. For some people, it is a powerful force. In contrast, for others, it can be a tolerable emotion. If you want to understand how much shame affects your life and health, try asking yourself: do you experience shame? How often? In what situations? And what emotions do you feel when you feel uncomfortable? The “Shame” Indicator can help you understand these questions and how this emotion affects your life. Don't let shame control you and affect your health. Learn how you can overcome your fears and become more confident.

The “Astonishment” Indicator

The “Astonishment” Indicator. Do you want to be a person who is always ready for the unexpected and quickly finds out-of-the-box solutions? Then astonishment is an emotion you must learn to experience. Astonishment indicates creative thinking and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations and find non-standard solutions. If you feel astonishment, your brain is ready for new challenges and ready to work at its maximum capacity. However, if you feel apathetic, it can be dangerous to your health. Apathy can lead to an unwillingness to move forward, a lack of goals and motivation, and depression. So, don't be afraid to be astonishment, and openly express your emotions. After all, astonishment is the key to your creative and innovative life, and apathy is only an obstacle to success. Order the calculation of the “Astonishment” Indicator. The indicator will help you determine how often you experience astonishment and how it affects your life and health. Order the analysis of the indicator "Astonishment" and live a brighter and more exciting life!

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