Metabomeeting 2 Programme

Session 1 : The Current State of Metabolomics

Welcome to King’s followed by an Overview of Meeting
Dr Julian Griffin, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK

“Mapping the Human Serum Metabolome”
Prof. Douglas Kell, University of Manchester, UK

“Metabolomics: sampling in the real world”
Prof. John Draper, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

“Detecting genotype changes in yeast and tumours using NMR-based metabolomics”
Prof. Kevin Brindle, University of Cambridge, UK

“Application of metabonomics to predicting patient response in a cancer clinical trial”
Dr Sarah Heald, Bayer, USA

“The Application of Metabolic Profiling Techniques in Biomarker Discovery in Drug R&D”
Dr Johan Lindberg, AstraZeneca, Sweden

Session 2 : Novel Developments In Metabolomics

“Metabonomics without the Fur”
John Shockcor, Waters Corporation, USA

“Visualisation of Genomic and Metabonomic Data on Biological Networks using Spring Embedding”
Dr Tim Ebbels, Imperial College London, UK

“Longitudinal study of the breath of healthy volunteers using SIFT-MS”
Claire Turner, Cranfield University, UK

“Modelling and significance testing in metabolomics”
Dr Manfred Beckman, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

Session 3 : Reporting Standards in Metabolomics

Presentation by the Metabolomics Society Committee on Standardisation
Dr Julian Griffin, University of Cambridge, UK

“A Schema for NMR based metabolomics”
Dr Helen Jenkins, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK
Denis Rubitsov, University of Cambridge, UK

“Standards for metabolomics and beyond”
Dr Chris Taylor, EBI, Hinxton, UK

“The Functional Genomics Experiment (FuGE) model”
Dr Andy Jones, University of Manchester, UK

“The Functional Genomics Ontology (FuGO)”
Dr Susanna Sansone, EBI, Hinxton, UK

Session 4 : Student Session: Metabolomics At The Coal Face

“Application of NMR metabolomics to the identification of biomarker responses in the common mussel”
Adam Hines, Birmingham University, UK

“Understanding the impact of metabolic syndrome on the heart via metabolomics”

Helen Atherton, University of Cambridge, UK

“NMR based metabolomic profiles to understand Batten disease”
Michael Pears, University of Cambridge, UK

Session 5: Delivering the Metabolomics promise

“A systems biology approach to understanding potential markers of diabetes in animal models”
Dr Susan Connor, GSK, Ware, UK

“Clinical Metabolomics: The Trials of Investigating Metabolic Effects in Human Volunteers”
Dr. Clare Daykin, University of Nottingham, UK

“Metabolomics and bugs – some applications of NMR-based profiling”
Dr Jake Bundy, Imperial College London, UK

“Using metabolomics to understand host reprogramming by plant pathogens”
Dr Luis Mur, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

“NMR-based metabolomics studies of glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis”
Dr Kathrin Renner, University of Regensburg, Germany