Metabolic Profiling Forum

Established in 2003 as special interest group for the discussion of metabolic profiling within the Pharmaceutical sector, the Metabolic Profiling Forum (MPF) has developed to support all sectors focused on the application of this discipline.

From 2005 the members of the MPF were instrumental with UK academic colleagues in the formation of the Metabomeeting conference series to promote the discussion and debate of the latest developments in metabolomics and the underlying techniques (chemistry, biology, mathematics, medicine). The continued success of the conference resulted in the formalization of the MPF as a non-profit company to promote and run the Metabomeeting conference series.

This portal aims to provide information to interested parties about relevant meetings, publications, industry fora, regulatory issues and technological developments in the field. Recognising the substantial contributions that have been made by all scientific sectors, the Metabolic Profiling Forum continues to adopt a non-partisan approach to the contributions to this discipline and to actively support the development of both new and existing researchers in the field.

The objectives of the MPF are:

  • To promote and provide a forum for scientists across industry and academia to engage in discussions relating to ongoing developments in metabolic profiling (also called metabolomics or metabonomics).
  • To actively organise and maintain the Metabomeeting conference and any other allied conferences for the promotion of the discussion of metabolic profiling.
  • To encourage the furtherance of the metabolic profiling discipline via assistance to projects specifically related to the dissemination of metabolic profiling data in the public domain.